Obama California Primary Crossover Voting Gambit Ended

Barrack Obama sent out an email this week to his California supporters with an announcement that Republicans could now vote in the Democratic Primary. It was an outright request for them to do so. As relayed to me by phone, the letter was inaccurate and poorly timed.

The reality of California Primary voting is quite simple:

A. The Parties have the right to allow ‘Decline To State’ voters to vote in their Primary. That choice must be made in advance of every election.

B. This year the Republicans choose not to allow ‘Decline to State’ voter to participate. The Democrats chose to allow the ‘Decline to State’ voters.

C. This does not mean that Republicans can vote in the Democratic Primary. It means that only ‘Decline to State’ voters and Democrats can vote in the Primary.

D. The only way for a Republican to vote for Barrack Obama or any other candidate is to switch registration from Republican to ‘Decline to State’. They have to change their voter registration.

It was a poorly timed piece of information as the deadline to register, or change party affiliation was yesterday. The door is closed. It was also, unfortunately, imitative of Republican actions in the past.

This artificial crossover voting technique is a tactic more widely used by Republicans who have a safe primary candidate. They seek to influence the Democratic Primary winner by switching party affiliations temporarily.

This year, obviously, the Republicans are in complete confusion and appear to have adopted a Democratic Primary technique: The Circular Firing Squad. That situation is unusual to say the least. They need every Republican vote they can muster to chose a nominee. Everone can forget artificial crossover voters.

This Obama gambit is over and was poorly attempted. Given Senator Obama well deserved reputation as a excellent field organizer, as he proved early in his career, it doesn’t speak well for his choice of field generals. If course, perhaps he outsourced that task to one of his advisers.

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