Hillary Clinton’s Latest Ad and News From the Trail

Hillary Clinton warned Bush last March to act, Bush did nothing:


“It’s about people”… Which explains why she’s drawing thousands at campaign stops in Arizona on Tuesday. Following up on my late night links round-up from last night, read Jeffrey Feldman on the significance to the UFW endorsement that Clinton received here during her stops in California on Tuesday. I’ve already said it here…  “Yes She Can!

Finally, Hillary received the endorsement of Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell on Wednesday.

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5 Responses to Hillary Clinton’s Latest Ad and News From the Trail

  1. Yes, “it is about people”. And the saying goes, “you can fool some of the people some of the time, most of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.” I have faith in the judgement of the American people at large. They don’t bellieve, as the Clinton’s apparently do, that the ends justifies the means. It has been Bill and Hillary’s daily campaign of character assisnation that is causing THE PEOPLE to question her gutter methods. and not the media. This was one of the few videos in which I have heard Hillary speaking on real issues and not her usual attack dog techique. She is the consumate politician but not the consumate homan being. To most folks, it still remains not if you win or lose but how you play the game which counts. Hillary and Bill are the experts at political spin. They both exceed at spinning what a person says and then accusing that person as being the instigator.
    I have faith that a majority of folks, before it’s too late, will correctly realize that Obama does have “The Audacity of Hope” and that Hillary still has only audacity!

  2. Decided in South Carolina says:

    Very well said, William. We deserve a President, especially at this critical point in time in our country, that chooses not to send out a surrogate to operate a smear campaign, then steps back and appears above the fray. How weak is that? Why did they feel it necessary to take this route which began on Martin Luther King’s day – of all days. Since then, a major amount of time and money has been invested by the Clintons to prolong and spin this. This is a very selfish way to campaign. It’s obvious that the ‘2-for-1″ tag team is really Bill and Hillary for Hillary only, at any cost. I think they’re missing the boat – It should be One for All of US. It’s not all about Hillary.

    Obama deserves a great deal of credit for defending himself against these attacks in a very mature way, and continuing to run his campaign very honorably. Hillary would never even unite her own party, much less the entire nation. A vote for Hillary in the primaries will eventually mean much more for John McCain in the elections if she winds up with the nomination. The Dem Party has been hurt tremendously by the Hillary & Bill’s embarrassing ‘campaigning’.

  3. Buzz

    All of Clinton’s ads are on the issues ad focus on “the people” – perhaps you referring to other videos you have watched of HRC, but her ads do not employee “gutter politics.”

  4. Decided

    All campaign’s use surrogates. Barack Obama’s wife has been out campaigning for him for months. Given that there is no reason Bill Clinton should not campaign for Hillary. Now some may feel it’s unfair because he’s the former president, but if Hillary were not in this race, I’m quite certain Barack Obama would be welcoming his help.

  5. I’d sure like some specifics, with source citation, from the Obama crowd. I see these vague attacks online. But I never see exact attribution so the issue can be examined.

    One person’s ‘character’ blast is another’s examination of a foes past record. Obama’s campaign is become very good at characterizing criticism as attacks or , worse, ‘swiftboating’, which is ridiculous.