Untruths and Victims

Well, it’s been hot as hell for our two front-runners on the campaign trail for the past days. The Obama – Clinton fued has been heating up, with both candidates running negative ads, that perhaps made their point, and then they were dropped.

The Caucus reported today that Barack Obama continued to push back “against criticism from both Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and former President Bill Clinton, saying that statements made by the Clinton campaign are not truthful and could eventually impede Mrs. Clinton’s ability to lead.”

The Clinton camp pushed back on a conference call that Obama has failed repeatedly to respond to issues or charges with anything other than counter charges. I’m looking at all of this and thinking to myself everyone is going way overboard, and particularly the media and blogs. The spin is everywhere and it’s not pretty on any front. Kevin Drum weighs on the ongoing feud and the media frenzy with this advice: “The lesson of the day is: Always remember to take conflict stories with a great big shaker of salt until you see the video, the full exchange, or corroborating testimony yourself.”  

So we should ignore the media’s effort to feed the frenzy when they pull stunts like this which make the “grinning” Barack Obama look rather shallow:

As Mr. Obama’s news conference ended, a reporter tried to sneak in one final query.

“Do you think President Clinton has become unglued in recent days?” he asked.

“He said last question,” Mr. Obama said, gesturing to an aide, grinning, and slipping out of the room.

Personally I am not nearly as offended by the back and forth between the candidates that is part of the process and the game, than I am by the notion floated that one candidate is above it all. I don’t buy it. I didn’t buy it before I made the choice to support the other candidate and I still don’t buy it. And I’m not the only one who has seen through the charade labeled “hope.”

I’m not sure who is winning the spin war, but Obama has played the victim adeptly. So too, have many of his supporters who cry “the Clinton’s this and the Clinton’s that” while reveling in dredging up right wing talking points and claiming every thing was so bad during the Clinton years. Hogwash! Why is it hogwash? Because if Hillary Clinton wasn’t in this race Barack Obama would be begging for the support of both of the Clinton’s and he’d be reminding voters of how good it was during the Clinton years. Particularly on the economy which is in the friggin toilet right now. But here’s an astute observation on how Obama, the victim is being played by the media (emphasis mine):

Today’s Washington Post, for instance, is carrying a front-page piece reporting that Hillary’s ad yesterday hitting Obama over his “party of ideas” comment is heightening “unity fears” among prominent Democrats. There’s no mention in the article of the ad Obama released yesterday saying Hillary will “say anything” to win.The article also reports that top Democrats are concerned that Big Bad Billary’s tactics could result in a “loss of black voters” in a general election. No one seems inclined to ask whether women would be upset at a Hillary loss.

Newsweek columnist Jonathan Alter, meanwhile, laments that Obama’s “professorial and all-too-Stevensonian air” leave him hopelessly unequipped to handle the “two people teaming up against him.” And a recent Daily News editorial expressed “distress that the Clintons have crossed the line into attacks.” There’s been tons more like this, frustrating some Clinton advisers who insist that Obama has managed to go negative on Hillary — such as in yesterday’s ad — without being tagged in the same way.

Only a Chicago politician could get away with attacking someone personally and call it the politics of hope,” I was told by Democratic National Committeeman and top Hillary fundraiser Robert Zimmerman.

What people need to remember and look at is this:

This primary competition is civil compared to what a general election is going to be,” Hillary fundraiser Robert Zimmerman said in our interview. “Whatever Obama is facing from Bill and Hillary Clinton does not begin to compare to what the Democratic nominee will face from Republican swift-boat attacks.”

And people are looking at whether Barack Obama will be able to hold his own against the Republicans and thinking good luck with that.  

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4 Responses to Untruths and Victims

  1. Jeanne says:

    That is the whole point of the Clintons smear against Sen. Obama to tarnish this image of “hope” as you call it. So you and others can say it’s only a fairy tale

    So by painting Sen. Obama as an upstart and throwing mud at him is a way to undermine his message, (See he is just as dirty too) so he won’t take away the “prize” as you call it.

    Sen Clinton and President Clinton are two of most powerful people in the US, they are not victims. . They want politics as normal because it is to their advantage. After all Sen. Clinton was going to be the evitable choice, that her nomination was going to be an incarnation in the Democratic Party.

  2. Jeanne

    Long before anything was said there were plenty of people who saw beyond the “hope” and made up their own minds that it wasn’t enough to fix this country.

  3. Pug says:

    Yeah, we certainly don’t need any “hope”. We need cynicism and politics as usual.

    Obama made one big mistake. He smoked Hillary Clinton in Iowa. Before that, we were all “family”. Remember?

    Well, we are family. Unfortunately it’s still the same old dysfunctional Clinton family that we are. Too bad.

  4. Pug

    Thank you for sharing. It will take a lot more than hope to fix the mess Bush has made. It’s not about politics as usual it’s about putting an experienced leader in the White House.