Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I feel like I woke up this morning and found boundary lines painted all over the surface of the planet, making it look like a Globe from space. But what if the entire Earth was inhabited by only one species of humans?

Or let’s put it another way. It was presumably okay when all of the cars were made in Detroit, the steel was smelted in Pittsburgh, the high tech gear came from the Silicon Valley, agricultural goods all traded through Chicago, and New York was largely serving the same function that it now does. And the concept would be, what, that we replicate this scheme into every Podunk chunk of land that a few million people decide that their personal concept of justice requires them to be given national territorial rights over?

What would happen if we tried for economies of scale and let areas of specialization develop appropriately, instead of trying to force them to conform to artificial boundaries largely set by dividing out people on the basis of ancient religions, or other largely meaningless differences? What if something like NAFTA was only a preliminary, albeit ultimately flawed, attempt to help define the confines of a new manner of living together? What if Bill Clinton made some well meaning mistakes, instead of having lived his life purely on the basis of the most foul and evil motives? What, realistically, could you have done better under the circumstances?

Campaign finance reform is going to clean up what has become in a huge many ways a deeply flawed system? Yeah, right! THE SECOND AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION!!!

And the fact that we’re all killing the only planet that all of us have is all the more reason why we can’t just retreat back into Fortress America, protecting a way of life that cannot completely continue (and in many ways existed only in our own innocent imaginations). For my money, we either get our shit together quickly on a much grander scale than anyone is currently talking about or face the onrushing time when things get away from us completely. Can’t we all get along?

Not until we figure out a way to get along even with a million people sitting with begging bowls along the roadside in Calcutta. And not even that unless we find a way to exist with species and places that we seem hell bent on consigning to the trash heap of history.

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