The Ultimate Republican Shell Game

My January 21, 2008 issue of Business Week Magazine contains a story that seems supremely important to me, and it’s even told there almost only in passing. Interestingly I can find nothing similar any place else, and why I find this surprising is that the situation highlighted seems to fairly … Continue reading

What the Reagan-Flap Really Says about Obama, Clinton, and Edwards

The recent flap over Barack Obama’s comments on Ronald Reagan speaks volumes about what distinguishes our three democratic presidential candidates.  But what it says is not complementary to either Obama or Clinton.  Instead, once again, it shows us that John Edwards is the real candidate all Democrats should support. Obama’s … Continue reading

Hmmm… If It Were

Hmmm… If it were anyone but the Clinton’s I doubt anyone would be having these conversations: Chris Matthews: Faye, you first, you know Hillary Clinton, you know Bill Clinton. What’s Bill’s role in this thing, is it a good role or a bad role? Faye Wattleton: Well, I think that … Continue reading