Hmmm… If It Were

Hmmm… If it were anyone but the Clinton’s I doubt anyone would be having these conversations:

Chris Matthews: Faye, you first, you know Hillary Clinton, you know Bill Clinton. What’s Bill’s role in this thing, is it a good role or a bad role?

Faye Wattleton: Well, I think that Bill Clinton’s role is that of the spouses of all the candidates, he’s participating as a surrogate for his wife who is running. And I think that its entirely consistent with the ascension of other women to the top offices in their country; they come about it as the result of the president being their spouse or being members of prominent families. So I don’t think that we should be so upset and agitated about Mr. Clinton’s participation  – we should continue to focus on the issues that the people want to hear about…these other matters are really side issues.

And Sully wouldn’t be twisting it:

Wow. A proud defense of nepotism over feminism.

Jeff has more on Sully’s fantasies on feminism, at Shakes.

I’m increasingly disgusted with the spin. There’s been a full onslaught in the sphere today with more folks jumping into the fray.

Take a deep breath everyone. As unpleasant as the past few days (or weeks) have been, we’ll all be making up once a nominee has been chosen. And I think everyone in the mix of things knows that.

After all, “The history of Presidential primaries is not a game of patty-cake.”

UPDATE: Who Stepped Down and Named Andrew Sullivan King of Feminism?

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