The Forbidden Primary Topic: Race and Running on Race

Race has become a topic for direct voter appeals from Barrack Obama in today’s South Carolina primary where turnout is predicted to be a record high. Inevitable but sad situation.

From a longer, frontpage AP story:

COLUMBIA, S.C. – […] Race was a persistent subtext in the first primary to feature a large number of black voters.

South Carolina became a “must win” state for Obama, whose momentum from his victory in the Iowa caucuses Jan. 3 began to fade after he lost contests in Nevada and New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton. A victory could help reinforce Obama’s co-frontrunner status with Clinton, while a loss would severely imperil his candidacy. […]

Polls showed Obama favored to win the state in large part due to his strong support among black voters, who are expected to comprise more than 50 percent of the electorate. Obama has made a direct appeal to blacks here after rarely mentioning race throughout the campaign. He’ll continue that strategy going forward, making trips to Georgia and Alabama later this weekend. Both states hold primaries on the multistate “Mega Tuesday” contest Feb. 5 and feature a significant number of black voters.

UPDATE: For more perspective, read: My sanest conversation on TV, everIt’s All Black and White and Injecting Race: Who Started It?

UPDATE 2: Obama Showing Among White Voters in S.C. Indicates Uphill Battle Ahead:

A vast wave of support from African-Americans lifted Barack Obama to victory in South Carolina’s Democratic primary. But his showing among white voters suggests an uphill battle in the upcoming primaries where blacks play less of a role.

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One Response to The Forbidden Primary Topic: Race and Running on Race

  1. Darrell Prows says:

    I’m not sure if being a white candidate running in a white country over all of these years has exactly been running on race, but it’s pretty clear that the future is looking like it will be different from the past. I wonder if the Republicans have majority support from any minority other than Cubans? If they don’t end up figuring that whole situation out I guess that they’ll be able to give the term “minority” a whole new meaning.