The Obama Myth Exposed

The most intriguing part of the State of the Union Address for me was watching the Kansas Governor audition for the second spot on the Obama ticket. The main lesson I took from the entire experience, however, is that Obama is playing a dangerous game by creating expectations that he almost certainly cannot deliver on.

Sebelius was compelling, in an Obama like manner, in challenging Bush to finally step up and start acting like most peoples stereotype of a real President. He or they, therefore continue to impress me as a real campaigning juggernaut. But juxtaposed against that image were the scenes of Republicans inside the Chambers, and this created the inevitable conclusion that things need to get far uglier before they have any chance of getting to the good place that Obama promises.

The Bush performance tonight was as cynical and passively-aggressively provocative as anything I have ever witnessed in the form of a national political speech, and the Republicans ate up his every insult at Democrats as if he was throwing them red meat. They both showed that there is absolutely no public appetite among the Congressional Republicans to deviate from any part of the Bush Agenda, and that the 25% hard core wingnut minority can be counted on to walk more in lockstep than anything approaching the same size group in the 75% majority on any issue, let alone on everything.

What Obama seems to me to be on the verge of creating is an expectation among political newbie’s (of whatever age) that he can actually get something significant done quickly and the Republicans tonight just flipped him a giant finger.

Obama needs either to form a national slate of candidates to replace the legislative sludge that he is facing, or he needs to let people know that real progress will only come in two years, when he is able to field such an organization.

Instead, he creates the image that political trench warfare is going to resemble a picnic basket, checkered ground cloth, and a wildflower meadow. To me that borders on false advertising and likely breeds the seeds of its own failure.

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14 Responses to The Obama Myth Exposed

  1. Darrell

    I didn’t get a chance to watch, I was busy doing other stuff, so your play by play is very interesting. The unity isn’t going to happen the way he’s selling it. I think a lot of folks get that.

  2. CognitiveDissonance says:

    My biggest fear is that people won’t get it until it’s too late. And we just can’t afford another 8 years of someone who doesn’t have a clue to making things work and cleaning up the mess.

  3. CognitiveDissonance

    We have the same fear.

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  5. OK, so Bill and Hillary’s campaign of character assassination kind of back fired on them. So now we are to annalyze pictures and read in possible body language messages. This immature method of annalysis surely represents the best way to choose our presidential noninee. Please, give me a break!!

  6. meher says:

    Interesting …. I am not from the USA but am following the campaign closely. I guess what you are from inside has to come out in the open one day or the next.

    I guess HRC made the first move to reconcile like most women do by going across to a point where she would not be compromised or be made to look foolish and was civil enough to wish everyone but looks like BO has a bad taste in his mouth or i guess he is another BUSH “you are either with me or against me”.

    We often see in Indian politics no matter how deep the fissures run there is always cordiality maintained in front of the cameras between the top leaders of any political party.

    I guess this is a PR oppurtunity that BO just lost.

    Consider this :

    1. He shows disrespect towards a woman. Ted atleast shook her hand and so did BO’s other endorsers.

    2. He was in the senate house and technically she is a colleague so he should have acknowledged her if not shake hands or talk to her.

    3. He describes Bush by saying that he is just one part of a “broken” political system “”that says it’s OK to demonize your political opponents when we should be coming together to solve problems.”

    This guy talks about uniting people and change well I expected more from a person like that.


    Being a man I can definately say that was a sexist and a chauvenistic thing to do.

    Man chin up you have not lost yet and you are no hypocrite either so why are you acting like a bad loser.

  7. Darrell writes: “Sebelius was compelling, in an Obama like manner…”

    Er, we must have been watching two different speeches. I found her wooden, boring and out of her element. But then I was drifting off through much of the SOTU anyway, so who knows.

    I agree with Williams’ point above. When we’re reduced to dissecting body language, snubs, and other non-sequiturs to pick our candidates, things are getting silly.

    Let’s remember: it’s Hillary Clinton v. Barack Obama (and John Edwards), not Bill Clinton v. The Ghosts of Kennedys Past.

  8. Pamela: This is probably a bit late, but I’ll add it anyway. The standard format for a SOTU now is to end paragraphs on an up vocal note, and then pause for the obligatory applause. The way that Bush handled this was disgusting. He began almost every segment with a statement that was in line with a liberal position, and then went on to a punch line that was completely right wing partisan. And then he looked down the Dems, daring them not to applaud, and laughed at them when they did. He played them like puppets and gloated to show the whole world how well he succeeded.

    Just one example (and this is strictly from memory). On energy he made a statement about seeking clean and safe energy technonlogy, and then one about asking Congress to support his policy of promoting development of nuclear power. Predicatably the Dems applauded in what superficailly appeared to be their agreement with going nuclear, and I could only think that we have to throw every incumbent out for allowing that picture to go over the airwaves.

    And so it went for an hour.

  9. JCitizen says:

    I really dont see what your point is here.

    Obama will have enormous crossover appeal, and is the one candidate who can possibly win with something more than 50%+1. Its not just my opinion, but I have heard many reports about red state and purple state Dems who desparatly want Obama on the head of the ticket, to maximize their own chances. With Hillary, and her toxic reputation (whether deserved or not is not the issue), they all feel that the top of the ticket would drag them down in their own races.

    If Obama win with what can be considred a mandate, and brings along a healthier majority in the House, and very significant gains in the Senate, then who gives a flying fart what the GOP in Congress does or thinks?

    The house will be solid blue. The Senate may well have 56-58 Dems. He will need to work something out with 2 or 3 GOP senators and we will be able to get anything we want through the Congress.

  10. JCitizen says:

    As an Obama supporter, I am doing my very best to resist being overtaken with all manner of negative feelings about Hillary. So let me just say this out loud, as much to stem this whirlpool effect inside me, as for anyother reason.

    Wouldnt Hillary be great as a replacement for poor ol’ Harry Reid? Great combo. Obama the prez inspiring and bringing along the country to our policies; Hillary doing her thing leading the Senate, helping to get those few GOP senators we need to make a filibuster proof majority, and keeping our own troops in line.

  11. JCitizen: Being ever the pessimist I view Republicans as persons who would refuse the treatment for their own cancer if they knew that the doctor prescribing it was a Democrat.

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  14. bjerryberg says:

    C’mon folks, can there really be any doubt that Obama is a stalking horse for Bloomberg?

    With his Chicago mafia baggage Barry Obama is beyond unelectable.

    Those polls saying how electable Obama is, were just foreplay to con the Dem electorate–and the super-delegates. It is about Mussolini Mike Bloomberg–the choice of Wall Street’s worst.

    The Chicago Outfit (Rezko)–your basic organized crime mob–is solidly behind an Obama candidacy, as well as the less easily indictable–but equally morally reprehensible NYC privatize-education-mob–the new ‘free market’ mob–like the unfortunate Caroline Kennedy–Mayor Bloomberg’s privatization of education czar. Follow the money trail if you doubt me.