Before “The Snub” There Was…

Well there you have it… This just in from The Page: “The Snub” Before “The Snub”

Sources: Senior Obama staffers rejected proposal for their candidate to sit with Clinton at State of the Union.

Leading Democrats wanted rivals to sit together for the sake of party unity.

Clinton was willing, but Obama chose to sit with newly-minted supporter Ted Kennedy.

Obama strategist David Axelrod to The Page: “No such invitation ever came from Senator Clinton. Had [she] made such a proposal, we would have adjusted our plans.”

Got hubris?

Barack Obama might do well in remembering, “Pride goeth before a fall.”

After all, the candidate claiming to seek to unite our country should be the candidate first to seek unity with his opponents, should he not?

But instead millions have now seen him turn his back.

Stay tuned… Tsunami Tuesday is a mere week away and anything could happen… Clinton’s Florida win may not have come with delegates, but it provides momentum.

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