Congresswoman Maxine Waters Endorses Hillary Clinton (Video)

clintonwaters3.jpgIn a conference call this morning, California Congresswoman Maxine Waters, strongly endorsed Hillary Clinton.
Summarizing Ms. Waters, she said that HRC had traveled the country listening to the problems of the people. She knew the problems of the urban population and the small towns as well.

It was a strongly worded endorsement. (I have not found a transcript yet as this conference call started at just 10:30AM pst.)

In response to a question HRC said California “is always about the future.” Later in the same answer she said, “California is in the solutions business… people in California are looking for a leader who is ready on day one.”

And Waters noted: “California is Hillary Clinton country. I think there is a coalition for Hillary Clinton in California…”

Congresswoman Waters said she believed that Hillary Clinton had both the ability to inspire dreams and also the ability to make those dreams come true.

Throughout the conference call there was no mention of any other candidate and no effort to be combative toward anyone.

HRC seemed very happy to have this endorsement. She said she knew Maxine Water’s history of speaking truth to power and being nationally known for leading efforts to solve problems. “They were both” she said, “people who get up in the morning thinking of how to make things better for the people.”

UPDATE: AP News on Waters’ endorsement:

In a statement, Waters praise the former first lady’s readiness to tackle the nation’s economic woes.

“At a time when the economy continues to worsen and so many of my constituents are losing their homes and their jobs, we need someone with the leadership and experience who can step in on day one to tackle the economic challenges our country is facing,” Waters said. “Hillary understands the daily challenges that people are facing and she will fight for them everyday she is in the White House.”

And Mark Halperin of The Page calls Waters: A Liberal Lion(ess) of Her Own.
UPDATE 2: Maxine Waters on her endorsement of Hillary Clinton (she nails the media on the “racism” issue):

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10 Responses to Congresswoman Maxine Waters Endorses Hillary Clinton (Video)

  1. Diana says:

    Wow. Representative Waters said exactly what I’ve been thinking. She expressed it so perfectly. Good for her in refusing to take the race baiting from the press, and for giving them a good scolding for doing so! A great endorsement from a impressive person!

  2. Diana

    Maxine was awesome today. She handled that foolish reporter quite neatly.

  3. FJ Stratford says:

    Whoever that MSNBC commentatoe was she got OWNED!!!!!!!

    Good for you Maxine. You inspired me by giving the best answer to the question on race: “The press should drop it and you should too!”

    ha! That commentator got owned!

    All Im saying…. Owned! Owned Owned.

    Maxine Maxine Maxine

  4. alrudder says:

    I saw this earlier today and I wish Maxine had addressed the issue. Bill Clinton truly demeaned black people by what he said Saturday, yet there hasn’t been an apology from the campaign. Not talking about racial issues doesn’t make them go away, and race does permeate several public policy issues.
    I was at an event tonight with some donors and headlined by an ex-Clinton Administration official. I expressed my discomfort with the “Jackson quote matter” and there was actually a good response to me.

  5. PanMetron says:

    Thanks for posting this – great responses from Ms. Waters.

    She’s absolutely right that the biggest cause of this ongoing divisive racism muck is the sensationalist press who just want to keep a fight going to see the ratings.

    Since someone here won’t let this die, I’ll explain what I see: first, the Obama camp never apologizes for anything, they don’t even congratulate Hillary when she becomes the first woman to win two states (Nevada) or when she wins the support of more voters than any presidential candidate this year of either party in any state (over 850,000 voters in Florida, when everyone else was on the ballot and there was no get-out-the-vote or organization on the ground – she beat not just Obama there but also McCain, Romney, and the rest). Obama didn’t apologize when his campaign decided to play “99 problems but a bitch ain’t one” as their Iowa victory celebration song, nor for the countless misogynist abuses and subtler double-standards that his online supporters have thrown out there.

    I think Ms. Waters’ approach of letting this stuff go and figuring out how to build unity is the correct thing to do. I wish I could do that – I will try harder. But Bill Clinton is not a racist. What Bill was commenting on was strategy. If you want to know how all this racism stuff started, all you have to do is two things: assume these people are smart, and look who it benefitted. After NH Obama’s lead in SC was softening (down to 5 points) and Hillary still had strong support among African-Americans. There is NO WAY the Clintons would do something so reckless as to inject race in this campaign: if you believe that you have no idea how campaigns are won. No one is going to invent some stupid subliminal race strategy when it can only benefit the other guy. On the other hand if the Obama camp was worried about SC and knew it would be game-over if they didn’t win there, it’s entirely rational strategy for them to look for any phrases that could be stretched for subtle racist interpretation and send Obama surrogates out in a media blitzkrieg with them. That’s what they did, and it worked; Obama is now getting a solid 70-80% of the black vote, even in Florida. But now Obama is no longer the “post-racial” candidate; he has played identity politics, and in that respect the strategy is similar to the strategy of Jackson (who, by the way, I supported in 1988). Bill Clinton, remember, knows how to win the White House; his comment was about strategy, and he’s right, it’s a huge gamble that Obama took by taking that road.

    The biggest danger right now is that this kind of divisiveness will just keep rebounding until the party is utterly rent in two. I believe at this point the Obama camp would like it to end just as much as the Clinton camp, partly no doubt because the more it’s discussed the more folks are going to realize that it only benefitted them. I’d like it to end so that we can start thinking like unified Democrats again, which is how we should have been thinking all along. Hillary has millions and millions of passionate supporters and other campaigns need to start making common cause and stop vilifying them. We cannot afford to character-assassinate any stars in our party, and we certainly can’t afford to play winner-take-all if the price of that is a bitterly divided Democratic electorate – then we all lose in November. So perhaps the best thing we can do is what Ms. Waters says – let it go, and shame the media when they keep fanning the fires that hurt our chances while they boost their ratings.

    Hillary has my heart… and my vote!

  6. Tony Lee says:

    I’m not surprised that Maxine Waters indorsed Hillary. “Birds of a feather . . . ”

    Short Term political vision will not move this Country Forward. Maxine has identified the Candidate that will best serve her aspirations and needs in the short term, in lieu of a Long Term aspiration that would better serve her constituents and the American People as a whole.

    Maxine, for the last (2) years has been identified as one of the “Most Corrupt” members of congress by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington ((CREW) non-partisan). As an African-American I’m embarrassed by her ability to always take the easy, less ethical road. Clinton should not waive Maxine’s banner too broadly as a supporter, it may come back to haunt her.

  7. Rich T. says:

    Maxine Waters rocks! Maxine Waters for Secretary of State! GO HILLARY!

  8. Yoyo says:

    Tony Lee, what planet are you living on?
    Maxine Waters is known for fearlessly speaking truth to power. End of story.
    We are amidst the most corrupt administration in the history of our country…and CREW is pointing at Waters?
    If CREW is busy pointing at Maxine Waters it might be time to take a deeper look at CREW.
    The landslide of Republican scandals (sexual misconduct, cronyism, incompetence etc., ) in the house and senate are as big as Katrina was a disaster. CREW and Tony Lee should report to Fox for duty.
    If Maxine Waters is “most corrupt” then CREW is doing a “heck of a job Brownie.”
    In endorsing Hilary Clinton Maxine seems to be voting for experience over fresh air.
    I vote fresh air,
    and hope.
    I simply can’t forgive Hilary’s consistent support for Bush’s War, It is a deal-breaker for me. But I respect Maxine Waters. BECAUSE she’s not corrupt. Because she’s fearless.
    I’m disappointed in her endorsement, but I respect her opinion.

  9. Claude Tate Jr says:

    I have always considered Maxine Waters a great Shero…until her remarks on Obama. What experience better prepares Clinton to be a president other than being married to an ex-president? She TOO is a junior senator. Obama does have legislative experience w/ IL PRIOR to becoming the Jr Senator from IL. Better ideas from Hillary? Did anybody hear her ideas on immigration at the debate. Look at that in context w/ the unemployment rate in this country and especially the unemployment rate for Black Americans! Way to go Hillary! Bury us! (with Maxine’s blessing!)….and this in conjunction with Bill’s outgoing gift in 1996…The Welfare (TANF) reform Act. How soon we forget…even when the ramifications of that one are still hitting home. Come on Maxine…what’s really going on? Don’t get me wrong…Ms. Waters has the right to endorse any candidate she chooses. I am just disappointed in how she framed her endorsement. I thought she was far better than that. I am hurt!

  10. Nikki says:

    Maxine Waters is not a credible person. Hillary should not use her as a surrogate to assist her in capturing the black vote. Before we shout about how wonderful Maxine is and praise her for endorsing Hillary, look at her statistics in terms of her voting record and that CREW lists her as the 13th most corrupt congress member. Maxine Waters owes the Clintons. Her husband, Sydney Waters, was appointed by Bill Clinton as the ambassador to the Bahamas. It’s easy for Maxine to follow the trail of politics as usual than to be on the team of a trail blazer. Maxine is hoping for an appointment in the Clinton administration should Hillary wins. I listened to Maxine speak to Michael Baisden about her endorsement for Hillary. She mentioned that she doesn’t know anything about Barack. Maxine Waters and all the other SELF-APPOINTED black leaders are mad that Obama did things his way. They’re mad that he did not come to them for their approval; they’re mad that he did not ask for their blessing. Sit down Maxine. Hopefully, California will wisen up and vote you out of office and replace you with a true maverick that’s committed to change and not continue with politics as usual.