Obama and Another Great Communicator and Teflon Man: RR

Ronald Reagan being a man of deeper parts than we thought at the time, had three great public talents. Barrack Obama has only two.

1. RR was a great speaker. He was eloquent when needed and direct when required. He would decide what to say and do it, mostly with grace.

2. RR had the ability to convey his statements and thoughts in ways that left him as ‘The Teflon Man’. No one could really hang a problem on his well-insulated self. Do I think that was an accident? Hell, no.

3. RR knew that you keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Hence, his public and private friendship with Speaker Tip O’Neill and other Democrats.

Obama has reminded me of Ronald Reagon, who I had suffered under as governor, since he announced his campaign. Like RR, he’s better on teleprompter than on his feet. Unlike RR, he uses, until this last two weeks, ‘passive-aggressive’ inferences rather than direct comments to demean his primary opponent, HRC.

Obama does not understand the third talent; keeping your opponents closer. He now acts rude after taking an expected primary win in SC. This could have been a moment of solidarity and unity, as he so frequently uses as his political meme.Too bad Barrack Obama missed the chance to show himself a gracious winner.

The were no surprises in South Carolina except for the size of the turnout. Obama won the vast majority of the black vote has had been expected from the beginning. The only extraordinary news would have been if Obama lost or won by a tiny margin. Obama built an effective and huge organization taking nothing for granted. Clinton withdrew a majority of her organization two weeks prior to voting. She knew the writing on the wall.

Obama, in particular, built a massive, convincing organization, with a staff at its Columbia headquarters so large that they held an “Obama-Q” nightly over the last week, roasting and consuming an entire pig each night.

The only fresh news there wasn’t the size of the victory or the victory itself but the turnout. As examined by the State Party Exec Dir.:

“The party was the winner here,” South Carolina Democratic Party Executive Director Joe Werner said, happily referring to a new cadre of Democratic activists and operatives activated by the three Democratic campaigns.

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