Bill Clinton Stumps for Hillary in Illinois

Today in Illinois, Bill Clinton was out en force as Hillary Clinton’s chief surrogate. He touted “his wife’s ideas on health care, the environment, the nation’s housing crisis, college tuition and the Iraq war, while also seeking to promote her as someone who could end partisan fighting in Washington—something Republicans readily dispute.” Bill’s presentation was all about Hillary… with nary a mention of her opponent Barack Obama.

We have a challenge around the world,” Clinton said. “Here’s why I think you should all support Hillary: She says America is yearning to get beyond partisan fights of the last seven years and go back to working on big things together. The way to achieve national unity is to involve people in working together toward big goals.”

Bill Clinton also said Hillary’s proposals for “alternative energy sources and green-friendly construction research could create jobs in rural farm areas of Southern Illinois through the promotion of ethanol and biodiesel,” coupling together the important issues of the environment and the economy.

“If you look around the world at the rich countries that have grown in this decade, that have rising income and no increase in inequality, they all have one thing in common: Every single one of them made a serious commitment to a clean, efficient, independent energy future,” Clinton said.

“Think about where we are in southern Illinois. It is the only thing we could do that would create jobs in every rural area, every small town, every suburb and every big city in America.”

Now, that’s the stuff voters want to hear. And that’s the stuff that makes this look so petty.

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5 Responses to Bill Clinton Stumps for Hillary in Illinois

  1. bob says:

    Win or lose, this will be the very last political election I myself will be involved in. No more voting or donating to any political campaigns. I was mad when Gore and Kerry lost. I felt I needed to do more….

    I hope Hillary wins but if she does not, it is all over for me and my family. We have been life long Democrats but after witnessing the savaged attacks by the LEFT on the Clintons, it sours my enthusiam for politics.

    I don’t usually comment on blogs but I felt the need to write about what is happening.

    I don’t care for Obama who is riding a wave but new mariages are always exciting til the passion flames out.

    I feel Hillary is losing the message war because the average voters are too naive. I hope I am wrong that Hillary will win.

  2. Bob

    Welcome to The Dem Daily and thanks for chiming in. It’s not pretty what is going on, I hope that more people wake up to it. The Clintons have done so much for the party and our country, it really is sad that they are being treated this way. I am disappointed that many I have had a great deal of respect for over the years have gotten into the mix.

    Keep the faith. 🙂

  3. english teacher says:

    well, i’m not quite there on dropping out of politics yet but i’m a little youngish. still i am equally horrified by the absurdity of many so-called democrats antipathy towards clinton. particularly in the blogosphere, people like marshall at tpm, kos, and huffington have been particularly disgraceful. at precisely the occasion when sober analysis and factual reporting is needed, these three arguably most prominent liberal blogs have gone into full bore advocacy for obama. kos today had a long post rationalizing not only why clinton’s 800,000 votes in florida was not only “meaningless”, but also that clinton was “desperate” and “pathetic” for going to florida to thank her nearly one million supporters there. i mean, he couldn’t just report the facts without insulting the party front runner in every sentence and the comment thread was absolutely vile.

  4. EnglishTeacher

    I’ve pretty much given up on reading Marshall, Kos and the Huffington’s opinions for the time being. I agree they’re over the top in the Obama love. Arrianna and Markos I expect some of that from them, but Josh Marshall, I’ve been surprised by some of the stuff he’s said of late.

  5. David says:

    Does America have amnesia? Hillary is running on her husbands record. Remember Wacco? When Tanks were called on Americans on American soil? Remember Janet Reno? When kids were sent to prision, not jail for petty crimes under The Scared Straight Program and they were raped by convicts. Remember the Savings and Loan scandals and White Water scandals?

    Does America have Amnesia?

    Get Barack elected, otherwise I and others will vote McCain.