It’s About People: Clinton Campaign Announces Unprecedented Live Webcast Town Hall

It has been my contention here that Hillary Clinton has displayed over and over again that her campaign is about the people. If you listen to Clinton speak, she reiterates through out her speeches that she’s listening to the people as she travels across the country. She’s listening, and she’s acting in her proposals on the issues that matter most to the people.  

200801305829.jpg Today, the Clinton Campaign announced in a conference call that on Monday February 4, 2008, they will host “an unprecedented live webcast town hall with 21 Super Tuesday states participating simultaneously in the conversation by satellite.”

The event “will be the first time in presidential campaign history that voters in the Super Tuesday states can have their voices heard in a single national town hall.”

This is, in my opinion, a brilliant move on the part of the Clinton campaign to truly give people a chance to be heard. The live webcast, “called “Voices Across America: A National Town Hall” will be simulcast starting at 9 p.m. EST on”

“On Super Tuesday, millions of Americans will have an opportunity to have their voices heard in this important election,” said Hillary. “This national town hall will allow all voters to participate in the conversation that I began with the American public a year ago and discuss the issues that matter to them so they can be fully informed when they cast their ballot the following day. From a faltering economy to the many challenges we face abroad, Americans are ready for a president who will deliver the real solutions we need.”

The full scoop on the event is at You can submit questions for Hillary via a form on the website, a text message or a YouTube video. All of the details on how to submit a question are here.

I find this Clinton campaign event to be a stark contrast to the picture that Barack Obama attempted to paint of Clinton’s campaign today.

Hillary Clinton has shown that her campaign is indeed about the future and her campaign has shown a unique grasp of the power of the internet[s].

While Barack Obama was busy today in his speech that offered nothing more than attacks on Clinton, the Clinton campaign proved yet again that listening to the people is their number one priority.

It should be mentioned too, that Obama’s speech today also took a veiled dig at Bill Clinton, who interestingly was far too busy to today “promoting his wife’s candidacy” than to engage in the sort of politicking that Obama was engaged in today. More on that to come…

So, jump in readers and ask Hillary a question!

I had to laugh reading Al Giordano on The Field who totally misses the point of Clinton simulcast town hall — it’s simulcast and they are accepting questions online so people from all around the country can participate, whether they live in large cities or rural areas. Duh


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7 Responses to It’s About People: Clinton Campaign Announces Unprecedented Live Webcast Town Hall

  1. bjerryberg says:

    Good move by Senator Clinton. Let’s address and solve real people’s real problems a la FDR. Usually that takes a fist-fight with entrenched scoundrels, less often it takes touchy-feely ‘bi-partisanship.’ I think Sen. Clinton might also want to make a point of the following info regarding the Florida primary…

    January 30, 2008 ( )–Hillary Clinton won far more votes in the Democratic Presidential Primary’s record turn-out in Florida Jan. 29, than either Republican winner John McCain, or runner-up Mitt Romney did in Florida’s Republican primary. (You wouldn’t know it to from the media coverage.)

    Despite the fact that none of the Democratic candidates campaigned in Florida before the primary, and it was widely publicized that no delegates would be awarded because Florida had broken the Democratic National Committee rules by holding its primary early, nonetheless 854,089 voters backed Senator Clinton, with Sen. Barry Obama a distant second, at 567,356 votes. Sen. John McCain, winner of the much-hyped Republican primary, garnered only 689,300 votes, and Mitt Romney, who finished second, got 593,028.

    Controversial elder statesman Lyndon LaRouche has pointed out that it appears Obama is being set up by his more well-heeled backers to destroy Hillary, and then will be pulled down in his turn, when Michael Bloomberg enters the race with his $11 billion Independent candidacy to enforce fascism “above the parties,” like Mussolini.

    The other fact of substance “from Florida,” backing up LaRouche’s assertion: Tony Rezko, the accused mob extortionist with whom Sen. Obama has multiple lucrative financial links is back in jail in Illinois, for breaking his bail conditions.

    Barry Obama set himself up for this fall by recently proclaiming that his connection to Rezko was only five hours work on a Rezko property case early in his career.

    The Chicago mob doesn’t take on part-time employees–nor do Bloomberg’s Wall Street/London allies.

  2. Charles Sauer says:

    Companies still seek to explore and mine Uranium in Colorado. What is your possition regarding that and Nuclear power?

  3. Diana says:

    I applaud the Clinton campaign for putting this Town Hall event together, pretty amazing logistics! I thank Hillary Clinton for running a positive campaign, and for listening to America. I’ve noticed that she really keeps it positive and real, BUT she works hard to immediately dispel the untrue and negative attacks on her.

    That other campaign needs to realize that their venomous attacks and telling of lies is going to backfire. They may succeed in getting the nod, but take down the entire Party in the process. The mainstream media (especially AP) seems to already picked a fave, and promotes only positive memes about Obama and negative about Hillary.

    The problem here is that the REAL vetting will come if he gets the nomination, and then.. there is not other choice but to stay at home or pick a Republican candidate(which the press has also already chosen in McCain) If I have to read one more front page, breathlessly snarky, article by Nedra Pickler of AP trashing Hillary or promoting Obama, I’m going to.. well.. throw up.

  4. Curtis says:

    Sounds cool. I’ll definitely tune in!

  5. Wendy says:

    The democrat party clearly fell into Republicans’ trap regarding whom they
    want to face in the general election—GOP does not want tough, savy,
    intelligent, know-everything Hillary whom they know will definitely stand
    up to their
    mud throwing and come out triumphantly. They have been doing everything
    they can to get the inexperienced, naively hoping (everything will go his way),
    no-accomplishment Obama. Some front runners of GOP alread spread the
    words that compare to their long list of accomplishments, Obama is in
    elementary school. I am surprised that so many democrat fell into GOP’s trap.

  6. JoeySky says:

    Charles Sauer, you can submit your question at

  7. Norma Fernandez-Remo says:

    I agree. I think that Sen. Clinton is our best bet in electing America’s first woman president. If she loses the nomination and general election (if she gets nominated), it will take decades before another amazing woman comes along again to run for President, if ever. Sen. Clinton is our best chance. She’s also deserving of our trust and loyalty. She’s a work horse. She’ll do right by her people and her country. If she loses, I will vote Republican for the first time in my life. And lastly, I think James Carville is right. Richardson IS a Judas! If he doesn’t want to support Clinton, fine! But did he have to endorse her opponent? If he really considers the Clintons his friends and if he really wants to help unite the democratic party and not be divisive, why endorse B. Hussein O? I am truly disappointed in him. If you have friends like him, who needs enemies?