McCain: Less Jobs, More War

Once again, the most prescient comments from last night’s coverage of the Republican primary in Florida came from the more conservative analysts, Pat Buchanan and Joe Scarborough. As it became clear John McCain was going to win, Buchanan and Scarborough had this exchange:

JS: “There is no way conservatives are going to rally and turn out big for McCain if he’s the nominee.”

PB: “Look at his proposals, Joe. He’s said the jobs are gone and aren’t coming back; the illegals aren’t going home; and we need more war!”

JS: “Less jobs, more war, I like it, Pat!” followed by much hilarity.

But it was true. Not so much the “conservatives won’t rally line” (c’mon, they’re gonna do what, drift to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama or Mike Bloomberg?), but in his proposals. McCain’s ideas are as tired and worn out as he is. Last night in Florida virtually guaranteed a Democratic victory in the fall, so unlike eight years ago, thank you, Florida.

Thanks too for continuing to roll out the carpet and welcome New Yorkers to your state as the place to retire.

Giuliani Set To Withdraw From Race: “After his third-place finish, Republican officials said Mr. Giuliani was expected to drop out of the race and endorse Mr. McCain, possibly as early as Wednesday.”

Sweet. Even Republicans had grown tired of the candidate for “President of 9/11”.

And what’s with all the “If Mike Huckabee stays in the race, he hurts Romney” claptrap? The evangelical kooks who support “Change the Constitution Huckabee” are never going to vote for a Mormon, who they see as one step above Beelzebub himself, for president. Huckabee does nothing to Romney, save make the Republican Breck Girl seem more telegenic.

Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton showed up for a “victory speech” last night in some place called Davie, Florida, even though her “victory” was delegate-less, campaign-less, and roundly dismissed by Keith Olbermann and other Obama supporters on MSNBC as “meaningless”.

Think again, Keith (yes, I’ve just about had it with Olbermann these days; he’s great on Countdown, but unscripted during live coverage? Sophomoric and trite). Not only did Clinton win, she received more votes (850,000+) than John McCain did on the Republican side (693,000). In fact, almost as many Democrats voted in Florida yesterday (1,730,000) as did Republicans (1,920,000) and their entire nominating process was on the line.

That says two things: number one, Democrats are itching for a fight in the fall. And number two, Keith Olbermann needs a refresher course in how to count and interpret numbers (something you’d think a sportscaster would know) and how to remain somewhat objective as you shill for the Obama campaign.

Put it this way, if Obama had won Florida last night (and I say this as one leaning towards Obama) you can bet he would have been crowing in similar fashion. And while I don’t think Clinton stands a chance of getting the Florida delegates seated or their votes counted at the convention, the childish reaction by the Obama campaign (“a beauty pageant”) struck the same idiotic chord that his snub of her at the SOTU the night before did. Not to mention, the “beauty pageant” theme is easily a sexist slur, given that “the woman” won.

It’s time for Obama and his advisers to grow the hell up. Even John Kerry, who Dem Daily readers know is revered around here, sullied his name last night, barking, “it’s not a legitimate race.” Nice. Way to slam those 1.7 million voters who traipsed to the polls yesterday, Senator.

You Obama folks aren’t making it easy for this voter to walk into the booth next Tuesday and pull the lever for you, I’ll give you that. Send me more pro-Clinton emails. I’m waffling.

UPDATE: John Edwards is dropping out of the race.

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3 Responses to McCain: Less Jobs, More War

  1. Todd

    I have no idea, absolutely no idea what JK was thinking getting in the mix of the Florida mess. Obama would be crowing – I said that too last night.

  2. Obama got Iowa, next door to Illinos, South Carloina with its heavy black vote and turnout, and a near tie in Nevada. Clinton got heavy voter numbers in Michigan and Florida, disproving, one would think, all of that talk about how her “negatives” prevent her from being viable.

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