Clinton and Obama Face Off in a One on One Debate (VIDEOS)

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are facing off in a one on one debate here in Los Angeles:

The economy is likely to dominate Thursday’s debate, as both candidates look to appeal to supporters of Edwards and his brand of economic populism.

Clinton and Obama have split victories in their parties’ early-voting states: Obama has won in Iowa and South Carolina, and Clinton has won in New Hampshire, Nevada, Michigan and Florida. But the Michigan and Florida contests awarded no delegates, and all major Democratic presidential candidates pledged to avoid campaigning in those states following national party penalties against them for moving up their contests so early.

The heat is on… this is the final debate before Tsunami Tuesday. Are you watching? This debate was far more toned down than the last, showing some unity between the two candidates once again, including a very warm moment between the two at the end of the debate.

Here’s a clip of Hillary Clinton speaking on her experience that qualifies her to be the next president:

And one more clip: Hillary: We already have a CEO President & look what we got…

UPDATE: Bill Schneider on CNN offers the “The bottom line” on who won the debate:

The audience response was the same as that of Democrats across the country: they’re happy with their choice this year, but they don’t want to have to make it.

I thought overall, his position tonight was still that of the challenger, and she was effectively the incumbent. Barack Obama needed to peel votes away from Clinton. He made some progress on the Iraq issue. But how many Democrats are still more concerned about Iraq than about anything else?

To the extent that the debate was a draw, it helps Clinton.

Why? Because holding his own wasn’t enough. Obama’s task tonight was to make the case that there were huge differences between them. Just holding his own and looking presidential was not enough — he had to convince Democrats who like her that there’s a reason she shouldn’t be the party’s nominee.

Schneider went on to say, Obama “had command on the issue of Iraq,” and “six months ago that would have been enough,” but maybe it isn’t now. Why? Because “Other concerns have come to the forefront.”

In all, it was an unhelpful debate. They minimized their differences. Tonight’s showdown will rally Democrats, no question – but won’t help them make a decision. The biggest applause line of the evening came for the idea of the two of them together.

The debate doesn’t kill momentum for either one. But does it help build any?

The big question of the night seemed to be will Obama’s strong showing early in the debate help Obama enough to “overtake Clinton?” Probably not. Bill Schneider “didn’t see that” and neither did I.

I felt that once again Hillary Clinton showed a far stronger command on the issues and even in the area of the Iraq issue, Obama saying he was right from the being does not prove he’s a better leader. We’ve got other pressing issues in America now like the economy and health care and Clinton, has the advantage in terms of policy on both.

The full transcript of the debate is here. And check out the Candidates on the issues. Mark Halperin scorse both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama with an overall “A-” for the debate.

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13 Responses to Clinton and Obama Face Off in a One on One Debate (VIDEOS)

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  2. alrudder says:

    Hillary is ahead, Obama is gaining. Both did what they had to do so the trajectory probably won’t change. John King of CNN made that point, and also now that Obama is raising a million dollars a day, he’s in for the long haul. This could be a race against time for Hillary, unless she shores up support. (As I’ve been saying she’s lost a lot in the black community, although she finally gave a perfunctory apology on Nightline last night)

    The Democratic Party brand was the real winner.
    I was shocked how unprepared Hillary was for the Iraq questions.

  3. Bacalove says:

    Barack Obama’s Health Care is the Same Universal Health Care offered by Hillary but with one Major Difference: You Have the Option of Choice! Do you want to be forced to pay for medical insurance like you are mandated to pay your auto insurance now? Or would you rather have the option of CHOICE –to be able to decide whether or not you want to buy your medical coverage at this time? This way Barack Obama’s plan does not put another mandated cost, like auto insurance, on the backs of the people, especially the young who already have college costs to contend with. However, the coverage is always there for you, if and when you need it.

  4. Bacalove: I’d be willing to bet that “Oh, I’m sick, I better go buy some health insurance and get treated” is not going to be one of the choices.

    Mainly, though, the most realistic numbers I’ve been able to find say that we get a better result than we have now at less overall expense only by cutting the insurers out entirely and going single payer. Sadly no one is willing to confront the reaction that would result from vested interests over making that a stated policy goal. I would put Obama’s plan to the right of Clinton’s, when we actually need to be focused well to the left of either of them.

  5. Bacalove

    Young people in college have to have health insurance. The large universities all require it. Either you join their health plans or you have your own via your parents.

    And FYI, here in CA, where my daughter attends a UC — the UC health insurance plan is phenomenal and very low cost – under $900 a year for a PPO with a minimal deductable, a $10 co-pay for Dr visits, a refund to the students who utilize their preventative care program, low cost prescriptions and a lot more.

    Imagine, just imagine if the whole country had the option to be part of a system like that.

    You are misleading in saying Hillary Clinton does not offer CHOICE. Her plan offers the most choices for plans and allows people who are covered to keep their current coverage if they choose.

    And quite frankly, maybe you don’t want to have car insurance, but you are screwed if you total your car and you don’t have it. Think about that. Likewise you are screwed if you don’t have health insurance and you get in an accident.

    I’ve gone for nearly 6 years with out healthcare. I’m self employed and can not afford it as the industry is structured now. I welcome a system that requires all to have health insurance because I understand the bottom line is the more that have the lower the rates.

  6. malcolm says:

    I’ll give him credit for using a historical democratic talking point against hillary last night:

  7. shelly caldeira says:

    BEWARE !!!!




    The Clintons are big-time corporate dems. Hillary earned about 100,000k serving as a non functional on the board of wall mart…she says she was there to promote wage increases and womens rights. Do a fact check on that! She did nothing!

    Why does’nt anyone call on her on the following when she touts about “the fabulous Clinton years” The Clinton’s have been huge supporters of the Bush’s and the Neocon’s view of the NEW WORLD ORDER. Clinton passed NAFTA. Nafta has proven to be probably the single most contributing factor of job losses in America, let alone how it has almost wiped out Mexican farmers! Ask yourself why Rupert Murdock sponsored a fund raising event for Hillary.

    What about Bill’s brokering of a uranium deal with the president of Kazahkstan and his Canadian friend Frank Guistra in 2005? He received $131,000,000 for it and is now denying any wrong-doing after trying to keep it a secret for these last two years. Ask yourself why big corps love the Billary!!!

    More of the same from the Clintons and we’re doomed for more of the same if they get into the White house again.

    Why do so many people take big media commentary for fact…Please people, take the time to learn facts! The more you dig up, the more you will realize that Obama is the right choice for Americans and the world.

  8. shelly caldeira says:

    Hi Pam,
    The health plan that Clinton wants is very similar to the one Romney passed in Mass. a couple of years ago. Here in Hawaii there has been a grassroots movement for true Universal Health -the single payer version. Using the term “Universal” for the Mass. plan and Clintons plan is kind of a joke.

    Check out what is happening in Mass. That plan basically just helps insurance co. get more money by mandating everyone to pay. The people who cannot pay will be fined two hundred and something dollars this year. Next year they will be fined over 1,000. dollars. It’s not really a true universal plan. Both Obama’s and Clintons plans are still for profit but at least Obama’s wont penalize people who still can’t afford to buy even after they are subsidized.
    Yes, I think American should move towards a universal plan, but definetly not the Clinton version of it….It would just solidify the health insurance industry’s strangle hold on us, and create penalty fees for us to have to pay! Clinton has spent time on this issue yet her conclusion is wrong, wrong for the poor and wrong for the near poor Americans…and as we all are becoming more and more aware, there are millions….MILLIONS of poor and almost poor americans. Please check things out more into depth, and have your friends do the same…this election means sooooo much for our country and world for that matter. Don’t let corporate media and Clintons verbage and clear speaking ability sway you!

  9. Shelly

    Hillary CLinton’s plan is very similar to the Universal Healthcare plan that John Kerry offered in ’06. I happen to be a small business owner and an only parent and I have been without healthcare insurance for nearly 6 years. In my opinion Clinton’s plan is the best, but thank you for sharing.

  10. Shelly

    We have no name calling policy here and that includes uning “Billary” to describe Hillary Clinton. It doesn’t wash with me. It’s offensive and rude. Hillary Clinton is running this race and Obama supporters do a dis-service to the party using that name.

  11. shelly caldeira says:

    Hey Pam,
    Yeah I know about the Billary thing, after I posted it I felt bad…should have left that out, it was uncalled for. That term came from the Republicans…picked up that silly name from conservative blogs about a year ago. Should never have used it.

    I am a small business owner myself and so is my husband. He plays music in Waikiki, I do fitness and Massage therapy. It costs us just about 800.00 bucks a month to get coverage, we cannot afford it. His mother, (we are in our mid-late 40’s) pays for his and we pay for mine…it just sux.

    I have been looking at the plans myself for some time and bottom line is none of them are true universal plans including Kerrys… Too bad Kucinich was portraid to be a dweeb, he knows whats going on. Single Payer Universal is the BEST option, but at this juncture not an option. I just think it’s unfair to “mandate” everyone to buy it…it’s not working in Mass. and it more than likely won’t work for the entire country. Sure the people who can afford their current insurance can keep what they got, a nice choice for them.

    I have always been a fan of Hillary Clinton especially back in the 90’s when they took so much crap. I was planning on voting for her a few months back until I started looking deeper…and paying close, I mean close attention.

    Nothing personal, and as I said, I wish I could take the Billary remark back…here’s my point about her…sure she has done a lot of good things in her life, but she is quite “hawkish” for the lack of a better term…I think she will move more moderate or to the right if she becomes president, and will suprise her supporters with closed door policy making activities. It’s pretty common knowledge that the Clintons have always been Big Corporate New World order politicians with some democratic leanings…and thats o.k….It got them to where they are now.

    If she becomes the candidate, the GOP will be all over her and Bill once again…this is a Fact. If you ever visit conservative sites (I do, just to see whats up) you will see that they are praying she beats Obama…just for their kicks. Dirt and mud flying everywhere. And if she loses the general, Ann Coulter says…thats cool, because she is more “right” than McCain.

    And if she wins….4 more years of right-wing Limbaugh, Hannity, and O’reilly types filling up our airways with more witch hunt commentary, trying to replace her with a real “hard righter” with zero democratic values after her 1st four years.

    It sux what happened to them 12 years ago but excuse me, this is our country and world!!! Democrats need to get over the Clintons and move on! Sorry for my bluntness but I don’t know any other way to say it. Shelly

  12. shelly caldeira says:

    Meant to say that…. if she wins the general … Ann Coulter says…

  13. Shelly: I more than agree with you about the Kucinich approach but you notice that Obama doesn’t go along with us either?