President McCain?

Does a younger population that wants to feel like they live in a young country elect an old warhawk for their leader? It would be bad enough in 2008 if McCain would not be the oldest President ever, but for him to promise to continue an experience of military adventurism that is unpopular in the extreme is going to be as counter productive as Goldwater talking about using nukes.

In actuality McCain has the perfect Conservative credentials because he’ll make a grand effort to stifle all social progress, and that really is the ultimate definition of conservatism. Nothing scares a conservative as much as the future does, and McCain is wed to the past at least as much as anyone younger than George Will. From what I’ve seen, McCain has his head so far away from even now that he not only doesn’t have a single viable solution for the issues of the day, he doesn’t know what most of them even are. It’s pretty clear that he knows what savings and loans used to be, but he can’t, and won’t want to, get his mind around any part of the subject of “modern” financial instruments. Etc.

There is simply not enough recognition of the fact that the most powerful “social engineering” takes place under the direction of the true right wing elite. Their efforts were so wildly successful under Bush/Cheney that they actually ran the risk of engendering a permanent back lash. Those efforts need to be put in neutral for now, and all resources shifted to getting a Democrat in the Whitehouse for the sole reason of making people forget the bad taste we now have and to start the process of further discrediting liberalism.

That’s where the Rush Limbaugh’s of the world come in. If you get right down to it they work wonders at rallying the wingnuts but none of them are really worth a shit a recruiting. What they do excel at, however, is unreasoned and unending criticism of everything and everyone on the left. They manage to create so much smoke that even some other wise well grounded people start to believe that there may be fire somewhere.

McCain truly is a sacrificial lamb and the fact that he has no idea of the role that’s been assigned to him makes him the perfect person to play it. Osama Bin Laden may be able to save the Whitehouse for the Republicans but it’s clear that John McCain will never pull that off.

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One Response to President McCain?

  1. Tom Driscoll says:

    Here’s my sense of McCain’s strength: There are a lot of voters out there who don’t occupy the partisan trenches. They aren’t the voters who identify one party or the other as the source of all evil. Call them moderates. In McCain they see someone who at least appeared willing to push back against Bush on some of his more egregious shenanigans. The economy is something they care about, but they see the policy as nuanced and negotiable. In Iraq, McCain’s the guy with the most clearly defined (not necessarily the right) approach: we’ll shoot our way out.

    I think what Democrats are going to need to do is actually describe the scenario for exiting Iraq in realistic terms. It won’t all be pretty, but if we don’t demonstrate an understanding of what the world will work like with a withdrawal, voters will opt for the plainer uglier option that they trust.

    My 2¢