Stupid Goddamn Journalism

There’s a lot of “stupid goddamn journalism” going around lately. Via Sadly No!:

Dear Dr. Atrios. I have a good Wanker of the Day nominee for you. His name is Jake Tapper and he’s (tragically) a senior national correspondent at ABC. He’s also apparently illiterate.

Go read all of Brad’s post on Sadly No!… He speaks for me on this complete farce of professional journalism from Jake Tapper:

you should apologize for taking what was an absurdly clear statement and intentionally mucking it up just to draw the oh-so-coveted Drudge Report traffic to your page. You should also apologize for giving the Republicans yet another set of bogus “Al-Gore-said-he-invented-the-Internet!!!11!!1!” talking points to use against Democratic candidates, which you dutifully reprinted on your blog shortly after they were posted.

Wowsers. Just say sorry and stop embarrassing yourself, buddy.

Jake Taper responds. He’s still an ass.

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