The Bolaños Brothers Endorse Hillary Clinton for President

The Clinton campaign announced on Friday that Rick, Louis, Ben and Bill Bolaños were endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. They were named National Co-Chairs of Veterans and Military Retirees for Hillary.

The Bolaños family is the only family in the U.S. to ever have four brothers serve in the Vietnam war at the same time. In 1966, Rick Bolaños joined his brothers Louis, Ben, and Bill in volunteering for military service in Vietnam. In the ’04 election, the Bolaños Brothers endorsed John Kerry. This time out, as in ’04 they chose to back the candidate with experience:

If you want to knowwhat kind of President Hillary will be, just look at what she’s done,” said Rick Bolaños. “Our next President will inherit the most difficult challenges in our nation’s history. And she has the strength and the experience to rebuild America’s role in the world beginning her first day in the White House, he added.

“Senator Clinton has been a champion for our troops. She believes that once our soldiers have fulfilled their obligation to our country, our country must fulfill its obligation to them and their families,” said Louis Bolaños. “As president I know she’ll fight on our behalf to ensure that all the uninsured veterans in this country have access to quality, affordable health care,” he added.

Born in Texas to immigrant parents, the brothers were taught from the beginning the importance of service to their country. Each brother joined a different branch of the Armed Forces: Louis, the Navy; Ben, the Marine Corps; Bill, the Army Green Berets; and Rick, the Army. The Bolaños brothers were cited for their patriotism by President Lyndon Johnson, and in 2004, the Texas Legislature passed a resolution honoring their military service and their valiant heroism.

“I’m honored to have the support of Bolaños brothers,” said Clinton. “With their help, we will continue to bring our message of change across the country,” she added.

I had the pleasure of meeting the four Bolaños brothers at a Veteran’s For Kerry event here in Los Angeles, just about 4 years ago. It was a real honor to meet and speak with each of them. I’m glad to see they’ve got Hillary’s back.

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