Kerry Stumps for Obama in San Francisco

John Kerry was in San Francisco today stumping for Barack Obama. Calitics has video clips. I gotta just say that although I split with Kerry on who to support in this Democratic primary race; he’s endorsed Obama and I have endorsed Hillary Clinton, if Kerry had been here in Los Angeles today, I … Continue reading

Clinton Endorsements and a Peek at the Polls

Hillary Clinton received a few endorsements in the last couple of days that I haven’t had a chance to note here. They include: Grammy-award winning artist, actress and model Mýa Harrison; Navajo President Joe Shirley Jr.; Texas Reps. Solomon Ortiz of Corpus Christi, the dean of the Texas Democratic delegation, … Continue reading

Blogroll Amnesty Day – Celebrating the Spirit of Linking

  My good friends Skippy and Jon Swift are calling on bloggers to join in and celebrate Blogroll Amnesty day this weekend: today marks the three-day weekend celebration blog-burst of b.a.d., or blogroll amnesty day for short, and literally dozens of participating blogs will be participating. each blog will celebrate the unity … Continue reading