Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself.  Today, is Super Bowl Sunday; the day when all the most funny commercials premiere on television!  I can’t wait to watch them.

Oh…oh…oh…and the wardrobe malfunctions!  There’s another reason to watch the Superbowl?

That’s right: The half-time show!

There’s supposed to be a game or something going on, but I have no idea why they bother with that **wink**.

In Iraq, the Super Bowl is one of the few things (next to Fox News) that the guys get to watch in “real time” live.  SSG Dizzy says he intends to take a nap before the game since he’s usually on duty until about 10pm (Baghdad time) and the game doesn’t start until well after midnight over there.

Myself, I’m going to hang out with the soldiers whom I normally entertain.  I will actually get to sit down and socialize with them rather than just being “the karaoke lady”.  So, this afternoon should be a lot of fun.  I’m going to be sitting around for a couple of hours (thank goodness for my trusty laptop) before the game because the bar is going to be packed to the gills, like it is every Super Bowl Sunday, so I have to get there early to get a decent seat.

Here’s a little something for folks like me who are more interested in the ads than the actual Super Bowl competition (and speaking of wardrobe malfunctions): Pepsi Timberlake


1: Did you participate in “Blogger Superbowl Weekend”? What side of the B.A.D. are you on?…

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2: Don’t lobbyists just love those sneaky passes?…

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3: Fundie refs make another lousy call…

Is Sex for Procreation?Daylight Atheism

4: Look who’s back in the game…

Oprah Back On Campaign Trail With ObamaThe Huffington Post

5: Shouldn’t someone drop a flag on this play?…

Politically Incorrect LED Sign? – USLiveLeak.com

6: The Fundie are really not gonna like this pass…

A Very Surreal Victory, Tempered By Two Things…Pam’s House Blend

7: Will GWB consider this pass “out of bounds”?…

Iran Oil Bourse to deal blow to dollarPress TV

8: Mississippi is really making a lousy play with this move…

No Fat People Allowed?No Fat People Allowed?

9: Ooooh! The TSA totally got sacked!…

Hostile commenters ‘overwhelm’ TSA blogThink Progress

10: Wow! A touchdown for Wesley Snipes!…

Jury acquits Wesley Snipes of tax fraudYahoo! News

Well, I hope the Super Bowl is half as interesting as today’s round-up is.


(“Go Patriots!”…)

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