For Voters It’s Not All About Iraq

Patrick Healy has a piece in the N.Y. Times blog The Caucus about a press conference on the Clinton campaign plane over Arizona on Saturday night. Healy notes “one interesting comment” from the presser:

She noted that at a conversation with a small group of voters in Los Angeles Saturday morning, no one brought up the Iraq war with her.

“Voters don’t mention it to me anymore,” she said. “People have still the same level of concern and outrage about President Bush’s policy in Iraq, but there seems to be an awareness that we have to wait to have a Democrat in the White House.”

I think Clinton is right on this. When I talk to people these days, the level of bemoaning the Iraq War that was prevalent a few months ago has faded.

What seems to be on everyone’s minds instead is the economy. Folks are worried about rising gas prices and the effect they have had on the price of consumer goods. Folks are worried about the foreclosure crisis and the fact that in January “the economy lost 17,000 jobs.”

Todd Beeton has a post up on MYDD about the large rally that Hillary Clinton held here in Los Angeles yesterday. Beeton notes:

Between her rally in San Diego yesterday and then the one here in Los Angeles today, Clinton seems to be sending one very distinct message: Southern California is Clinton country. Gotta tell you, it sure felt like it today. As I drove onto the campus of Cal State Los Angeles in East LA, I was followed by what looked like a neverending stream of cars. Once on campus, as I approached the gym where the rally was being held I found a ridiculously long line, again, seemingly neverending (see video below.) I’ve not seen anything like this at any Clinton event I’ve been to, these are the kinds of crowds Barack Obama gets, not Hillary Clinton.

And Beeton also noted:

And the excitement in that room was, as cliche as it sounds, electric. People like to chalk Clinton’s popularity in the polls up to her name recognition and her status as the “establishment” candidate but, as I’ve said before, her opponents underestimate the passion people have for her at their peril.

Check out this video of the “electric” response to Hillary:

Rep. Maxine Waters was there speaking on behalf of Hillary, she reiterated the point about the economy:

My constituents have trouble keeping their homes and feeding their kids. They wake up every morning with all the hope in the world that things will get better; they don’t need anymore hope, what they need is help!”

The “Unions were out in force for Hillary” says Beeton, “AFSCME members in their trademark green shirts and signs and United Farm Workers in red, chanting Si Se Puede at various times before and during the event.”

In fact, all throughout the event the crowd, which was largely hispanic but my no means predominantly so, would continue the chant, alternating between “Si Se Puede,” “Yes We Can” and then, and this seemed to spring up spontaneously from the crowd, “Yes She Can!”

Yes She Can!

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