More Blogroll Amnesty Day!!! Were Havin’ A Party…

The celebration of Blogroll Amnesty Day, that I posted about here yesterday, is sweeping across the blogosphere. Way to go, Skippy and Jon Swift! Wow, “Were Havin’ A Party ” and in honor of that, here’s Southside Johnny and The Asbury Jukes (one of my all time favs) on Imus from ’06, performing their hit “Were Havin’ A Party”: Taking a peek around at the blogs who have joined the effort, I’m going to do a round-up and include as many links as possible to the blogs that our friends in the sphere are giving a shouting out to, that have not been previously mentioned here: On The Reaction today, Carl gives a shout out to:

Mr. Doggity. The Dogg always writes about politics from the perspective of a blue voter trapped in a red (but turning purple) state, Kansas. Always interesting and informative. Guys From Area 51. You know most of these fellows if you spend anytime at the snarkier blogs (including my own). A daily stop on my path to avoiding sanity…I mean, INsanity. Adgita Diaries. I was embarrassed to find out two things: 1) Mandt, who comment here fairly often and whom I run into regularly on other blogs, is actually two people (M and T, get it?) and 2) They have a blog of such aching beauty that, well, I almost quit blogging. OK, that last bit is not quite true, but… A Poetic Justice. You know him, you love him. The Poetry Man’s blog.

Over on The Impolitic Libby has a great round-up:

Creature at State of the Day, Carl at Simply Left Behind, Edward Copelend at Edward Copeland on Film, J. Kingston Pierce at Limbo, J. Thomas Duffy at The Garlic and Carol Gee at South by Southwest. Capt. Fogg at Human Voices you know from these pages and Brian from World Gone Madas you noticed has just joined this week while we await the arrival of Kvatch from Ragebot. And as long as I’m linking to my co-bloggers, I can’t forget my Newshogger cohorts, Fester, Eric at Total Information Awarenessand Shamanic’s simainbrain. Moving on to some new friends, being a little shy, I was delighted that Buck Naked Politics and Brandy at Moue Magazine introduced themselves, as did Tony at Monkeyfister. Under the heading small world, Tony and I discovered we have a Detroit connection. Also new to me is John and his crew at Wet Machine. They’re a brainy bunch over there and the posts on the ongoing spectrum auction are a little over my head, but this is a big issue that I want to take up soon and it’s worth trying to wrap your head around it. This auction will make a huge difference in the future of wireless internet and these guys are having a direct impact on it. If it’s too techy for you, keep scrolling. They have plenty of other stuff. Ah, and another late arrival just in, check out Crinch Pin. I love them already. I know Pygalgiathrough his comments at Newshoggers and since he offered, I asked him to blogroll us here and I’ll be adding him today.

World-O-Crap gives a holler to the following blogs:

Bats Left, Throws Right. You’re probably checking him daily, and if not, get thee hence. Along with Roy at Alicublog, Doghouse Riley turns out the most intoxicatingly trenchant snark on the internet, offering long, discursive jeremiads that move faster and sting harder than a cracking bullwhip. He’s immune to the national Alzheimer’s that allows people like Jonah Goldberg to pass themselves (and their gas) off as historians, and most important of all, he uses his tongue prettier than a Kansas City whore. Pen-Elayne on the Web. Fun, breezy, eclectic, a great mix of the personal and the pop cultural. Mark of the Beast. If deliriously profane fury could be bottled, the best cask-strength stuff would come from this Louisiana-based distillery run by our friend Anntichrist S. Coulter and her stable of enablers. Caution: Not to be taken internally. Just Another Blog From L.A. isn’t, since it’s provides a ruefully funny running commentary from a homeless writer blogging from the public library. The subject is mostly local and national politics, but from a perspective far removed from the Villagers’ presumptions, and with the occasional whiplash-inducing detail on life as it’s lived with chronic depression and no permanent address.

Buck Naked Politics points to blog posts on various topics of interest. The blogs included are:  Notes from a HackTAG BlogThat’s Life in the CityLiberty AbyssJ.M. BellBlue Herald; Mark RauterkusCan’t Keep Quiet; The DiscourserTurn Maine Blue and River Valley Reporter. Fallenmonk notes these blogsYellow Doggerel Democrat, Why Now?, MCCS1977 and DeRosaWorld.   From Blondesense we have these mentionsthat I haven’t run across on the others joining the linkfest:

Wanderer’s blog My Two Centsfeatures more than he posts here at Blondesense. I think he’s a good writer and he should get more attention. Check out Sara’s blog, Kitchen Sink Collective. Sara also creates artisan perfumes and soaps. Those of us who are stinky ought to check it out. I don’t know if she gets more or less traffic than we do, but nunya from Politicky Bitch has a great blog and if you like this one, you’ll like hers (better). I really like and I don’t know how much traffic they get, but the contributors are awesome and the commenters are as well. Simply one of the coolest commenters and bloggers is DBK, the blogger formerly known as GD Frogsdong, whose blog is Blanton’s and Ashton’s He’s the only man I ever really loved.

Blue Gal says: So go visit fellow bloggers: after the bridge, Yikes!, 200 millionth weblog, Polite Company, and Carpe You Some Diem!. Also blogging on B.A.D. (Blogroll Amnesty Day) this weekend: The Rubber Hose; The Mahatma X Files; The Barefoot Bum; Make Them Accountable; Mike The Mad Biologist; PSoTD; our own Dizzy Dezzi; our good friend and contributor here, SteveAudio; Taylor Marsh with a Super Bowl of Blog Links; Liza at Culture Kitchen; Left in Alabama; PhysioProf, and Rooks Rant. More via Jon Swift: On My Mind; Culture Vultures; Ex-Lion Tamer; The Pajama Pundit; If I Ran the Zoo; Media Lizzy; Rightwing Snarkle; driftglass; The Freedom From Patriot News Censorship Blog; Ornery Bastard; ShimodaWhen Will I Use This; Liberty Street; Scriptoids; The Kenosha Kid’s Blog; Bad Attitudes; My Left Wing; The Field Negro; Play On!; Long Live the Village Green; Ice Station Tango; Alternate Brain; Politickybitch; DrugMonkey; distributorcap NY; Osterley Times; Writhe Safely; Miss Cellania; Bark Bark Woof Woof; Blogging Out Loud; Never Yet Melted; FranIAm; Terryfaceplace; The Largest Minority; Frieda Bee; Suburban Guerilla; Undeniable Liberalism; Maryannaville; Mahablog; Crooks & Liars; Phillybits; The Aristocrats; Terra Sig; Northman’s Fury; All Spin Zone; The Sideshow; Targa’s Tirade; Blue Girl in a Red State; It All Goes Here; Media Bloodhound; and litbrit. Browsing through my Site Meter yesterday I ran across this new friend: The Laundry Room and another today: Veritably Bare. There’s a lotta blog browsing there for readers of The Dem Daily. And being Super Bowl Sunday, I’ll just suggest that folks here interested in checking out some great blogs should bookmark this post for future reference. Finally — I’m happy to add anyone linked to in this post to our blogroll, with a reciprocal link. Let me know in the comments if you are interested.

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