Primary Updates

Latest Updates 9:10PM Hillary Clinton picked the winner in California 9:25PM Missouri still uncalled with 98% of vote counted  8:58 PM Idaho: Obama Massive Update at 8:41PM: California-Clinton 55% Obama 32% with 9% reporting As of this time here’s the gameboard using MSNBC/CNN as a data source: CNN and ABC … Continue reading

Hillary Clinton Takes N.E. Prizes Including NY, MA and NJ

Hillary Clinton has taken the prize in the New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey primaries tonight.  Clinton also “picked up victories in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee.” Clinton greeted cheering supporters Tuesday night in New York, which had 232 delegates on offer. “Tonight, we are hearing the voices of people across … Continue reading

Updates on Today’s Primaries

DemDaily shall attempt to bring you news periodically throughout the evening. Time willing the updates will be more frequent starting around 6PM PST. More as time permits. Of course it’ll be a late evening. Hang in there! A question: Why the hell are CNN and others calling states which can … Continue reading

Why I’m Voting For Barack Obama

Just below Stuart has a post explaining how he’s gone over to the Clinton camp. I thought I’d post a similar explanation on how I’ve gone over to Obama’s camp, and cast my vote for him here in Georgia today (and thank you, Pamela, for encouraging dissenting voices on the … Continue reading

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Ah, Super Tuesday. The talking heads will be all atwitter watching the polls in 22 states and waiting to see which Democrat/Republican comes out on top at the end of today’s primary bonanza. There will be a news blackout in this house (as always) until after 10pm. I can’t stand … Continue reading

Super Tuesday: So Many Questions, So Little Time

NBC’s Chuck Todd nails the sentiments of many as we kick off Super Tuesday: “So many questions, so little time.” There have been so many unpredictable twists and turns in this election cycle, and so many questions remain. Yet one thing is for certain – Super Tuesday will be the … Continue reading