Hillary Clinton Takes N.E. Prizes Including NY, MA and NJ

080205-hillary-804p_grid-4×21.jpgHillary Clinton has taken the prize in the New York, Massachusetts and New Jersey primaries tonight. 

Clinton also “picked up victories in Arkansas, Oklahoma and Tennessee.”

Clinton greeted cheering supporters Tuesday night in New York, which had 232 delegates on offer. “Tonight, we are hearing the voices of people across America,” she said.

Clinton acknowledged that neither she nor Obama would be able to seize control of the Democratic nomination based on Tuesday’s results. All of the states were dividing their delegates proportionally, so a candidate who finished second could pick up an impressive haul of delegates.

Clinton scored a decisive victory in Massachusetts, despite the endorsements and heavy promotion for Obama in Massachusetts from Democratic heavy weights John Kerry, Ted Kennedy and Deval Patrick.

I have to say, that despite my long time admiration and respect for Kerry and Kennedy they didn’t sway my vote and in recent days I spoke with a few friends and clients in Massachusetts who also said that they were voting for Clinton, despite the endorsements from Kerry and Kennedy.

And now… all eyes are on California! Go Hillary!

Stay tuned…

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