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9:10PM Hillary Clinton picked the winner in California

9:25PM Missouri still uncalled with 98% of vote counted 

8:58 PM Idaho: Obama

Massive Update at 8:41PM: California-Clinton 55% Obama 32% with 9% reporting

As of this time here’s the gameboard using MSNBC/CNN as a data source:

CNN and ABC are calling Georgia for Obama based on exit polls. Absolutely no voting results.

Alabama: Obama with 56% with 91% reporting

Arkansas: Clinton

Arizona: Clinton

Arkansas: Clinton 72% with 53% reporting

California: See above. No Call.

Colorado: Obama at 8:50PM

Connecticut: Obama 51%

Clinton 47% with 86% reporting

Delaware: Obama 53%

Clinton 43% 100% reporting

Georgia: Obama

Idaho: Obama

Illinois: Obama

Kansas: Obama

Massachusetts: Clinton 57%

Minnesota: Obama 67%

Missouri: No Call

New Jersey: Clinton 54% with 94% reporting

New Mexico: No Call

New York: Clinton 57% with 97% reporting

North Dakota: Obama 61% with 100% reporting

Oklahoma: Clinton 55%

Tennessee: Clinton 56%

Utah: Obama 53%

(more information to come….. )

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2 Responses to Primary Updates

  1. More of the same – Clinton got almost as many votes in California as all Republicans put together. Obama got more votes in Illinois than all Republicans, and Clinton got almost as many votes as the top two. In taking second in Missouri, Clinton got more votes than the top two Republicans. While Republicans outscored Dems in Arizona, Clinton got only about 22,000 votes less than McCain. In New York she got almost 700,000 votes more than McCain. In Alabama the Dems total almost topped the Republicans, and the Georgia Dem total beat out the Republicans.

    (In California even Guiliani beat out Ron Paul.)