Hillary’s Super Tuesday Victory Speech

Looking forward from Super Tuesday, here’s Hillary’s Super Tuesday Victory Speech (h/t C&L):

The Clinton campaign notes today that the Super Tuesday “results confirmed Hillary’s strengths as a candidate and signaled that she made inroads with a number of key groups and demographics. As we look through the returns and the exits, there are a number of myth-busters that stand out”:

a) Hillary can and does do well in rural areas. In Missouri, for example, she won 110 of 115 counties, including a string of rural areas.

b) Hillary can win the youth vote. Hillary swept the youth vote in California and Massachusetts, two states that can be a bellwether for how young people will vote in the general election.

c) Hillary had the momentum on the last day. After the largest national town hall in presidential history, voters who went into the polls undecided chose Hillary, breaking the momentum of Obama’s new establishment campaign. Details here.

d) The Gallup tracking showed a national upturn going into Tuesday, suggesting that it is not that Sen. Obama keeps closing in the polls but that he has bursts of momentum that fade when voters compare the two candidates on who is ready and able to make the changes we need starting on day one.

And in the wake of yesterday’s success, the Clinton camapign is on a mission to raise “$3 million in three days.”

If you are a Hillary supporter, then let’s move move on the momentum of Super Tuesday and pony up for HRC now: “Contribute today to help us reach $3 million in 72 hours.

The Obama camp has come on strong with the negative attacks in the wake of Hillary’s strong showing in the Super Tuesday contests. Yup, that’s right, Mr. Hope just went super negative. Shocked? Don’t be… Obama has been playing this game for some time now, though his supporters feign denial and follow his lead with baseless claims against Hillary.

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One Response to Hillary’s Super Tuesday Victory Speech

  1. CognitiveDissonance says:

    Obama’s campaign keeps claiming that the more they see Obama, the more apt they are to vote for him. (Thus, his excuse for Hillary’s trouncing of him in Florida. But the record shows just the opposite – the more they see him, the more they like Hillary by comparison. They quickly discover that there is no “there” there.