On a Need to Know Basis

On a need to know basis does anyone really care if Obama Girl didn’t vote? I mean really who gives damn? Is this really news? No. It’s fluff and hype.

And considering that Obama told AP in August, “that his own daughters became upset with the risqué video,” he probably didn’t care either. Obama Girl is just hoping to catch a ride to her own fame and fortune. It doesn’t say much for the state of this presidential race if this is news the day after Super Tuesday.

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2 Responses to On a Need to Know Basis

  1. Brian Luce says:

    I think Obamagirl’s apathy goes to one of the weaknesses of the Obama movement. Young people are caught up in the glamour and celebrity of politics, but when it’s time to pull the lever they’d rather do tequila shooters at Senor Frog’s.

    ObamaGirl has chunky thighs anyway. Tila Tequila is much more my type.