YES SHE CAN! California for Clinton!

The graphic below from California Sec. of State Debra Bowen’s Primary Election Night Results page shows how the counties in California turned out for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama (click on the graphic for updates):


California is Clinton Country! Yes She Can!

The N.Y. Times reports:

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton won primaries in New York, New Jersey and Arizona and captured the biggest prize of all, California, while Senator Barack Obama strung together nearly a dozen victories from Georgia to Idaho as the two Democratic candidates were locked in an intense struggle for convention delegates on Tuesday.

Mrs. Clinton also picked up victories in Tennessee, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Massachusetts, despite the the endorsements of Mr. Obama by Massachusetts Senators Edward M. Kennedy and John F. Kerry and popular African-American Democratic governor, Deval Patrick.

The two campaigns had anticipated a night of drama as 22 states voted in Democratic contests on Tuesday, and they were not disappointed. From the first results in Georgia, Mr. Obama and Mrs. Clinton traded victories about every 30 minutes. Preliminary vote figures in multiple states were close enough to spike adrenaline in the two camps as each sought an edge toward vaulting a woman or an African-American to the Democratic nomination for the first time. And throughout the night, uncertainty about the biggest delegate prize, California, vexed both campaigns.

The results and exit polls showed formidable strengths for each candidate, with Mr. Obama gaining appeal with white voters — particularly white men — and Mrs. Clinton solidifying her support among Hispanics. Mrs. Clinton won Democratic primaries in states that her party rarely carries in a general election, like Arkansas — where she served as first lady — as well as Oklahoma and Tennessee.

MSNBC’s Election Leaderboard shows Hillary Clinton with the edge on delegates:

  • Hillary Clinton: 582
  • Barack Obama: 485

Let the spin begin.

More in the morning, it’s been a long night

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