Delegate Discrepancies

Jeralyn notes on Talk Left some discrepancies the delegate totals for Obama and Clinton. I know the Obama teamed claims to have won the most delegates, but the N.Y. Times shows Clinton leading with delegates as Jeralyn points out:

The New York Times has posted California’s distribution of delegates from the Super Tuesday primary.

  • Hillary 207
  • Obama 163

NBC‘s Keith Olbermann and Dan Abrams tonight said Obama has a total of 861 delegates while Hillary has 855.

The New York Times says Hillary is ahead with 904 to Obama’s 724.

That’s a big discrepancy between NBC and the Times. Several of the states Obama won haven’t yet awarded delegates according to the Times which may account for Obama’s low total number. But, Hillary still has more from the Times than from NBC. Anyone know why?

Very confusing. Meanwhile they are still counting the ballots in New Mexico and that Super Tuesday contest has not yet been decided.

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2 Responses to Delegate Discrepancies

  1. steven says:

    What’s better than Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama in the White House for 8 years?

    Hillary Clinton AND Barack Obama in the White House for 16 years!

    Let’s harness the excitement we’re seeing among Democrats for both amazing candidates. Sign the petition to Howard Dean and the DNC at

  2. Clinton/Obama – Obama/Clinton? An interesting prospect but is there realy any way that two egos so monumental could actually work that closely together?