Donations Pour In For Hillary Clinton

Word has it that donations are pouring in for both the Clinton and Obama campaigns, so gloating Obama supporters can step back a few paces, because Team Clinton is raising donations fast and strong.

As I reported here earlier this morning (or late last night), “The media and the blogosphere was a flutter on Wednesday about Hillary Clinton loaning her campaign $5 million.” The Clinton campaign had launched a fundraising effort on Wednesday and the word late last night from Taylor Marsh was that they had already “outraised their goal of $3 million in 3 days.”

Indeed they have “outraised their goal,” raising more than $4 million online since the Super Tuesday polls closed, and the donations keep pouring in. Marc Ambinder notes: “As of 11:00 am, the total is nearly $5M.

The Clinton campaign reports the current fundraising effort is the campaign’s biggest day of contributions since Clinton launched her campaign and their goal set yesterday to raise “$3 million in three days,” far exceeded the goal in less than 24 hours. Their target is now “$6 million in 72 hours.” Let’s help Hillary exceed her goal – DONATE!

The Clinton campaign has seen an influx of 35,000 new donors in the past 48 hours, and they are keeping pace with the combined fundraising power of the Obama campaign, which has been aided by, Barack Obama’s netroots supporters, and John Kerry’s 3 million strong email list, that Kerry has utilized for Obama since his endorsement.

Marc Ambinder also notes today: “(a MoveOn adviser says that none of the MoveOn money has been transferred to the Obama campaign, so the 7.2M is all indigenous.)

Let’s help Hillary exceed her goal – DONATE!

UPDATE: Hillary’s At $9 Million and 90,000+ Donors Since Super Tuesday

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8 Responses to Donations Pour In For Hillary Clinton

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  2. justaprogressive says:

    I sent a donation and called my family and friends to appeal for contributions to Hillary’s campaign. They support her with their votes. I asked them to help support her campaign with their wallets and found them more than willing. 🙂
    I recommend others do the same.

  3. Uma, mpls, MN says:

    I sent to Hillary campaign $50.00 last night and i didn’t tell my husband. I really believe that she is the best person to make me proud and make my nation proud. We are far behind in every area and we need a leader who can work from day one; we are not looking for a intern.
    Ladies, gentlemen and family Donate her because America needs Hillary.

    Obama is bought by Middle East and Oil money; we need to make sure American interest is preserved.

  4. Mahinda Katugaha says:

    Kennedys ganged up to preserve the Clan’s hold on the Democratic party. They think the party is a family estate! Republican owned media are beating up Obama drum to blow him up so that they can use the Colour card to destroy him at a general Election.. People who do not foresee these stunts just go berseck. Foreigners – the Muslim world expect Obama to be lenient towards them. Meanwhile Obama starts to praise every one on earth in order to get their blessings. The way he praised Ted Kennedy showed how weak a leader he is. Could such a man stand on his own to withstand the challenges of the world?

  5. PanMetron says:

    Now it’s at $ 10 million and over 100,000 supporters! If you haven’t contributed, join us!

    Democrats of all kinds must wake up and realize that Hillary has passionate support. She won wide, cross-party re-election support in New York because people – and not just Democrats – like her when they see her and when she can get her message to them.

    I don’t mean to imply that others don’t have passionate support also. But it does mean that it’s idiocy for Democrats to attack this great and admired woman, whose policies are overall slightly more progressive than Obama’s. And it’s shameful for progressives everywhere not to be out there defending her loudly against the misogynists ganging up on her in the mainstream media.

    Barack Obama has run a divide-and-conquer campaign against Hillary, and against the Democratic Party, just as Ted Kennedy tried to do against Jimmy Carter. It’s time we rallied around the candidate who has the experience and judgment to guide this nation today.

    It’s time to open your mind to the possibilities and stop listening to the hate. It’s time to believe in the course that can win. It’s time to take the only road that can lead to unity in the Democratic party at the convention in August. It’s time to take back the White House in 2009. It’s time to support Hillary!

  6. tony says:

    i want Hillary call me to help her become the President ,

  7. lilnana says:

    Just a note on little known backgroung of Ted Kennedy. I was teaching a course at Harvard when he was expelled for cheating. If Obama is depending on Ted’s help, he’d better watch his back!!

  8. lilnana

    Totally inappropriate comment. Please read our comment policy above.