Emily’s List Says: No So Fast!

In the wake of the news that Hillary Clinton had loaned her campaign $5 million and her staff might be going with out pay, Emily’s List sent out a fundraising appeal today for Hillary Clinton. As it turns out Clinton’s staff is not going with out pay, as ABC reported this afternoon. Regardless, it’s time to step up and get involved if you want to see Hillary Clinton become our next president.

I was glad to see Emily’s List get involved with the fundraising effort today. I am posting their email here for the benefit of our readers who may not subscribe to Emily’s List. I hope readers will consider joining Emily’s List and pony up for Hillary, too:  

Dear Friend,

Hillary Clinton wins New YorkWhat a Super Tuesday!

In state after state, double-digit gender gaps helped create dramatic victory for Hillary Clinton’s historic presidential campaign.

Gaps of 15 points in California … 18 points in Arizona … 21 points in New York!

It seems like every time the pundits write Hillary’s political obituary, women voters step in and say “not so fast!”

Click here to make an immediate contribution to Hillary today.

The women who are delivering primary victories for Hillary are the very heart and soul of the Democratic party. These are the single moms, the women working double shifts and two jobs, taking care of their children and their parents. These are the Hispanic women who want their children to live the American dream and the senior women who are wondering how they’ll pay for expensive prescription drugs.

Hillary speaks to these voters — and they are backing her at the polls. But critical primary contests are ahead, and Hillary’s coffers are depleted. She needs our help today to bypass the media filter and get her message straight to the voters who count on her to fight for them. Click here to give now!

We’ve seen how far pundits like Chris Matthews will go to define Hillary on their terms. We’ve fought back against the gender stereotypes that keep popping up again and again.

But it’s not going to stop just because we want it to. The only way Hillary can talk to voters unfiltered is if she has enough money to deliver her message of change straight to the grassroots. Click here to help Hillary today.

Television talking heads don’t understand the lives and pressures of the women who make up Hillary’s core supporters — but Hillary does, which is why she’s got their trust.

Tuesday night was a huge victory created by women. Hillary won the biggest states and heads into the next round of contests leading in the popular vote, and is in a dead heat in the delegate count.

Please, click here to keep this historic campaign going.

Warmest regards,

Ellen Malcolm

Ellen R. Malcolm

P.S. Women vote for Hillary because they know she will fight for them. She is their voice. But she urgently needs our help so her voice — and ours — can be heard in upcoming contests. Please click here to make a contribution today.

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