Romney Suspends Campaign

Mitt Romney, who “had vowed to press on despite disappointing results in the Super Tuesday primary contests,” has suspended his campaign. He made his announcement at “the annual Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington,” leaving John McCain as the clear front-runner. (video below)

CNN reports: “Mitt Romney suspended his bid for the Republican presidential nomination Thursday, saying if he continued it would “forestall the launch of a national campaign and be making it easier for Sen. Clinton or Obama to win.””

In this time of war, I simply cannot let my campaign be a part of aiding a surrender to terror. This is not an easy decision. I hate to lose,” the former Massachusetts governor said.

“If this were only about me, I’d go on. But it’s never been only about me. I entered this race because I love America, and because I love America, in this time of war I feel I have to now stand aside for our party and for our country.”

The full transcript of Romney’s speech is available at TIME’s blog, The Page. Watch the video:

NEWSWEEK has analysis on why Romney’s campaign failed: “because he ran as something he’s not.” And Politico notes that Romney is “eyeing 2012.”

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4 Responses to Romney Suspends Campaign

  1. Brian Luce says:

    Anyone see Romney’s concession speech? He went out with his pander on!

    Jesus christ, no wonder no one likes this guy.

  2. john stone says:

    I needed something to cheer me up today, since I am coming down with a cold and Mitt came thru.

    I’m with you Brian Luce , no wonder no one likes this guy. Like Huckabee, said he reminds you of the guy that just laid you off from your job.

  3. alrudder says:

    We want as long a race as possible. Romney’s ego kept him in, and will keep him in for 2012. Huckabee will be the Southern guy, and Romney will be the economic conservative guy in 2012.

    Now I just hope and pray that Huckabee stays in. The longer he is in, the harder it will be to patch up the coalition.

  4. Thanks to Pam Leavey for fleshing out the quick two liner I put up. Online time is at a premium right now.

    You do great work, Pam, and the blog shows the hard work.

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