Senator Hillary Clinton, An American Hero

The following is an open letter to Senator Hillary Clinton, a woman who I consider an American Hero.  I composed this letter with the hope that it might help undecided voters reach a decision. As outlined in the letter, I am Canadian and, therefore, have no personal gain from supporting Senator Clinton in the primaries in America.  But, readers will note that meeting Senator Clinton at Ground Zero provided me with much comfort during a terrifying time.  

I hope that all who read this letter will give it thought as you decide who you will support in this election:

Dear Senator Clinton:

I have been watching the primaries with great interest and am writing this letter in hopes that it might help your campaign. To introduce myself, I am a Canadian physician who has no voting ability when it comes to American elections. I have absolutely nothing to gain by testifying about your natural ability to lead the U.S. out of darkness.

I met you at Ground Zero on September 12th, 2001. In fact, my medical team of five Canadians literally bumped into you in our haste to make it to Stuyvesant High School where the casualties of the WTC terrorist attacks were accumulating. When I caught my balance amidst the crowd of people, I realized that it was you standing in front of me. I will never forget that moment. You were very composed with only a single secret service agent beside you, completely camouflaged as an ordinary citizen. When my group realized who you were, we stood still. I was speechless and already overwhelmed by the chaos around us. The only words that I could manage to form were: _We are Canadians. We came from Canada to help.

You shook each of our hands and thanked us. The momentum and courage that your simple gesture gave us was very much appreciated.

When I reflect on that week, a flood of memories returns to me. First, unlike any other of your political colleagues at the time, you were walking about, without any lights or cameras, reassuring the people that you represent that you were there to help. You were vulnerable, ready and willing to have anyone approach you in person _ unlike President Bush.

In fact, because the current president is so afraid of getting assassinated _ that is what the police told us on September 15th, 2001 – the medical triage had to shut down for _security reasons_ in preparation for his arrival on Friday, and might I add three whole days after the attacks. At the time, our triage was taking care of between 50 to 70 patients an hour. We had over 200 medical volunteers working around the clock to help. As far as we know, all of our patients were injured volunteers. We would patch up whomever we could and help them get back to the fevered search for potential life.

The stories of injured fire fighters and other rescue workers obsessed about getting stitched up, or having their eyes flushed from the acidic smoke, as quickly as possible in order to continue looking for a loved one, are too numerous to recount. However, when President Bush came to Ground Zero, the Triage was closed down and we all were forced home.

Six years later, you helped me again – though this time not in person. Somehow, I still remain ashamed that I ever got sick after helping. My lungs have never been the same as when I crossed the finish line at the Ironman Canada ultra distance triathlon on August 26th. 2001. Because of you, Senator Clinton, thousands of WTC volunteers have free medical care for their rescue related illnesses. I was absolutely astonished when American volunteers that I still keep in touch with told me that I could also get help despite being a Canadian. To be honest, I refused any assistance for several years. For one, I am not bitter and choose not to define my life by September 11th. Even if I knew that I would get as sick as I have, I would help again. My quality of life compared to many of the great people that I met during that dark week six years ago is actually pretty awesome. I remain grateful for what I have and not bitter about what I do not.

Regardless, from the moment that I met you in person, and from the many moments I have been grateful for your continuing to stand up for the thousands who later became sick and injured from Ground Zero, I have thought of you as a true hero.

California may have the “Terminator,” America has you.

In closing, although the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan make me sick with despair, after what you saw first hand on September 11th, 2001, I don’t blame you for taking the greatest measure available at the time to keep America safe. You did the best you could, with what you had, at the time.

Senator Obama, or any of your rivals for that matter, were never at Ground Zero. How can they truly second-guess your decision?

I look forward to cheering for you all the way to the finish line – when you are sworn in officially as President of the United States.


Dr. Carolyn, BA, MD, CCFP, FRCPC(EM)

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36 Responses to Senator Hillary Clinton, An American Hero

  1. frenchtulip says:

    This is powerful! Thank you, Dr. Carolyn. Yes, to me, Hillary is a hero on many different levels. That’s why I’m supporting her.

  2. elizabeth in KY says:

    America needs Hillary so much, just as we did on September 11th. God bless America

  3. Scott says:

    This was an inspirational article. Mrs. Clinton will be a strong leader and bring this country out of the dark. She has already been explaining specifics on how she will change the United States for the better. I met Chelsea the other day, and she did an excellant job of answering questions as well.

  4. Sherry George says:

    Much love and healing to you Dr Carolyn. Your comments were wonderful and I too believe that Mrs Clinton will be the president that we need now. She is strong and stable and compassionate. Thank you from an American for all your help and sacrifice for humanity.

  5. Alice says:

    Thank you Dr Carolyn,

    I hope your letter can open the eyes of the American people who do not see the sincerity of Senator Clinton’s vision for America’s future. I hope for your speedy recovery

  6. Mary says:

    Hillary Clinton has been my hero for a long time. Your article makes me feel even deeply how America need this woman. With all the speech and words, Obama never inspired me because they are empty, pale, and powerless. Actions speak louder than words. Hopw young people take another look at what our nation has been through and recognize that Hillary is the only choice for the nation. Obama never brings change, Hillary did, with all her life time fighting for American people.

  7. Frances Fusco says:

    Thank you Dr. Carolyn. I live in New York State and we know that Hillary is heroic and hands-on. She has done more in 6 years as Senator than most do in 20. It’s difficult and painful to see how she is mischaracterized in the media and by Republicans and Democrats alike, when we know that she is out there, working hard like that every day. And that’s exactly the kind of president she will be. Unfortunately, stories like this are not broadcast on the TV networks–they only enjoy demonizing her. I hope many people will forward this sincere testimony to their friends and family and others will continue to pass it on. I pray that Americans make the wise choice, and we are blessed with her intelligence and genuine leadership in the White House.

  8. Michael L. says:

    The letter resonates with me as well! I have a great deal of family in New York City and 9/11 will always be etched in my mind for the tragedies that ensued for American families as well as the nation at large. Mrs. Clinton clearly led the way toward the healing process, just as she always seems to do. Even in her recent speech at end of Super Tuesday, she immediately remarked about her wishes for the victims of the tornadoes in the heartland. That’s just her way…with her opponent simply following in her lead. This is a compassionate woman who can connect with the plight that so many Americans face each day–whether it be the risk of losing your home to foreclosure to the risk of losing your life for lack of medical insurance…there’s really only one candidate who cares enough to actually do something about it!!!!

  9. Diana Timmons says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Carolyn for your beautiful letter. And thank you so much for your work after 9/11. Your letter reminds me of how struck I was by the quiet and comforting presence I saw of Senator Clinton at Ground Zero, as it was beamed into our televisions.

    I know people who have worked with Hillary Clinton, and they tell me she is the warmest and most sincere person you could meet in poltiics. She has been defined so unfairly by media characters and right wing politicians who fear her. They KNOW she’s powerful, intellegent, and kind. They see her strengths in connecting with people, and they hope to keep the rest of the Country from seeing that.

    Because of good people like you, and your wonderful letter, America is seeing Hillary as the person she really is. And, as the only real choice for change in America.

  10. kitty says:

    i am not an american as well. but i watched, read, and followed hillary clinton ever since. yes, she is a remarkable woman, mother, a servant, and a wife as well. stood up with her husband in the hardest time. stood up for people who are victims, stood up for women, stood up for children, stood up for all americans.
    how can the americans demonize her i don’t really understand why they go to obama, who makes a very nice speeches. but ask yourself what had he done to his country. what change is he going to bring to america. i am begging for all of you, please, do not get carried away by sweet tounges, sweet talks, sweet promises. obama is taking advantage to all the momentum, but he knew in his conscience that hillary clinton would be the best president but because of his personal ambition, he force it to the limit to make an american history. please, wake up americans, learn from what you have done to george bush put him in power you were blinded by his good speeches when he was campaigning for his second term.
    hillary clinton has been tried, and tested.

  11. Lorraine DeJong says:

    Thank you Dr. Carolyn. Someone really needs to get your letter (with comments) on the mainstream media and even on facebook, and someone needs to read it on YOU TUBE. It is such a first hand authentic example of the type of leadership Mrs. Clinton would provide our country. Our country desperately needs Mrs. Clinton at this time in history. Thank you again for coming forth with your observations.

  12. Ralph Alair says:

    This is what inspires. Not lofty rhetoric. Not media-induced frenzy. It’s plain hard work that inspires infinitely better. To be actually there and fight and be tested in the battle ground. To not flee and hide but take a principled stand.

    Hillary Clinton is a tested leader, a proven humanitarian, champion of the welfare of children, minorities and the underpriveleged. She represents Democratic ideals and will fight for them even in the face of unfair attacks from practically all fronts. In her words – she will go to the mat for those ideals. That’s something you can take away with you. A commitment to doing something – not just a vague excitement and awe that dissipates the moment that the arcane words that elicited those emotions are put to the test in the real world.

    It’s not about ego, it’s not about a sense of entitlement, it’s not about feeding off the adulation of the masses. The US has had eight years of a leader who was well loved by just about everyone in his first term. Look at what happened. It’s about proven competence. It’s about character.

  13. Edwards supporter says:

    Republicans want to run against Obama, because they will eat him alive.

    McCain will squash Obama on the question of experience, Security and Foreign policy skills.


    Hillary can beat McCain easily.

    – SHE has charisma and she has the credentials.

    – Hillary served on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

    – She also has much better experience on Healthcare and Economy.

    The 2004 election was determined by two key groups – women concerned about security and Latinos.
    These are two groups that enthusiastically support Hillary.


  14. Roxanne Ochs says:

    Dr. Carolyn,
    You bring a tear to my eyes and heart. So does Hillary Clinton. She is what all women and men of all races should stand for. You came when most wanted to. You helped when most wanted to. the reason Hillary touched your heart is that you are everything she stands for. God Bless you, and i will pray for you. God Bless Hillary and let’s all pray for ourselves by praying for her.

  15. Yes,We Will says:

    Please, to all Hillary supporters, post this article everywhere you can and send it to the media. Also, please, vote for all Hillary articles so that they appear on main page of realclearpolitics:

  16. Gwen Casey, Ph.D says:

    While I’m sure this article is sincere, I hazard that it represents what is wrong about this campaign. Accusing Bush of cowardice and Obama or absence is precisely the type of rhetoric that is sure to galvanize others. Let’s focus on what is positive about Clinton and spend less ink tearing down others. We’ve got to rebut the notion that we’re embittered women and speak about what Hillary can do for the nation. And defending the Iraq vote on the basis that she was at ground zero is precisely the emotion over deliberation sort of rationale we’d do best to avoid.

  17. nancy robbins says:

    I loved the article from Dr. Carolyn. I am down here in Louisiana and I am sick over what happened here yesterday regarding the primary with Barack Obama. I am an older voter, and I cannot understand how the young voters believe that Barack Obama is a Godsend. Even though he may be a great orator, Our Country needs a tested, experienced leader. this is not what he is. My total support goes to Hillary. What will happen in the future, if she should not get the delegates or nomination, would be an outpouring of loyal and true democrats casting their votes the republican direction, only to keep Barack out of the Whilte House. to all the citizens of Maine and all other states for upcoming primaruesm i pray that you choose experience and a proven track record when you vote. I fear a vote for Obama may lead to future votes for Mccain. the seasoned voters will not vote for Obama if he’s the democratic candidate. I ‘ve been voting for 40 years, but I want EXPERIENCE this time around. Just take a look at what happened in the White House without the proper experience. IT’s going to take a proven leader to clean up the mess that’s been made for the past 8 years. I trust Hillary and her policies. thank you for letting me voice my opinion.

  18. Gisela Roubek says:

    Dr Carolyn
    Thank You!, we New Yorkers and America will be forever in debt with you and your team. No one could have said this better than you. Hilary is what we need to EXPERIENCE REAL CHANGE FOR THE BETTER FOR ALL OF US. God Bless You!

  19. IranSuffer says:

    Dear Dr. Carolyn,
    Like you, I have seen Human Side and touch of Hillary, the great work she had done poor countries like Bangladesh – Loan for poor people, India and Kenya.
    If living history is any proof then just do reality check on ‘Yes we can Fool you’ type of sweet talkers, What happened in Iran? (Sweet talk, then American are ashamed), another sweet talker GW Bush (hear 2000 speeches !!) and actual actions. Hear Sweet of Sub-Prime mortgage seller, what sweet & full of hope talk and see the results.

    Hear Sweet talks of 2000 & 2001
    (Actions and not sweet hope are important).
    Yes, We Can – Fool you

  20. Lisa says:

    Yes, I think it is important to remember that when you actually are in the world doing, helping, and acting- people do have opinions about you. Senator Clinton has done much in service of her country. Any one who has worked in a group, has a job, or is in a relationship knows that when you differ on things, negotiation and compromise means often no one is completely happy at the end. Senator Clinton has improved the lives of the American people.

    If one thinks about it and looks at her strengths and perceived weaknesses- (passion, willingness to take a stand) they will realize they want more than a sound bite leading our country.

    The point is well taken about facebook and YOUTUBE, we should all be out there rating those videos and making comments, because that is how the fire is spreading.

    Keep going Senator Clinton!!

  21. Tara Bradley says:

    Dr. Carolyn,

    Thank you for submitting this excellent letter to the Democratic Daily. Thank you for also sharing your inspiring story.

    May the best woman win.

    Best Wishes,

    Tara Bradley

  22. Lisa Doe says:

    I couldn’t agree more with nacy robbins, please keep Obama out of the path to the White House. I have been a Democrats supporter for a long time, i myself feel that if Obama is the elected candidate to repesent Democrats I will not support Democrates in Nov!!!
    Obama is NOT qualified!!! For the people who shpport him they should have asked what has been done for the country so far!!!
    My heart and soul go to Hillary! The most best qualified hero for the next President of the United States!

  23. David Hopcroft says:

    I am a British citizen who is a permanent resident in the USA and have followed elections in the UK for 60 years.

    Hilary Clinton has run the most honest and informative political campaign that I have witnessed in those 60 years. I am truly amazed at her ability to take questions and then give answers that are clear and easy for all to understand, to stay with her beliefs and remain on track.

    At a time when sound bites, spin and wild accusations often dominate politics I am also so pleased that she has resisted the temptation to be drawn into this approach.

    At the end of this campaign you will have left an impression that we can still have clean and honest politics in the USA.

  24. judy cagle says:

    i am so proud of hillarys supporters for stepping up and helping her in her time of need.i love hillary more than words can heart is heavy and head hanging low over the defeats over the weekend .i pray god will come thru for her in the future elections,so she will win the big states,and go on to the make me proud hillary

  25. Ruth says:

    I wish this letter would get out to the media in wider circulation. I have a step mom who worked with Hillary in Little Rock and for all these years she has told me similar stories of how hard she worked for the poor there and especially in the poorest schools. She helped to get programs in place that would reach those kids who had less than anyone.

    Many people who saw here sincerity and dedication in those times say the same as Dr. Carolyn.

    When this campaign began, I was excited to see these two historic candidates but, as it has gone on, I have seen this woman torn down by the press while the one term senator was treated as if he were already the nominee and the obvious choice by the media. They did more than any other to steer the course and they did so with extreme bias.

    We still have a terrible double standard and this campaign has brought it to the fore front. If a woman tried to run for president on Senator Obama’s thin record and having the same policy nearly as his opposition, up against a more experienced man…well, it just wouldn’t have happened at all.

    But I knew that much and it was expected. What I did not expect was this utter disregard for decency. The kid gloves he’s been treated with…no hard questions asked of him. He gives a great speech and doesn’t have to give details the way she does? and even when she does…it’s not enough.

    They want change? I do too…I do too, on so many levels.

    Hillary Clinton is a human being with a wonderful record of public service for all these years and she has been treated to the most horrible untruths and smear campaign I have ever seen.

    Dr. Carolyn, thank you for saying what so many of us who saw the results of her good works have always known.

  26. Robert Paresi says:

    Exactly. Republicans know that when the debates start, McCain will eat Obama alive, chew him up and spit him out.

    He is giving everyone empty promises and false hope. It is the same college students who voted for Bush – the same thing I fear will happen again this year.

    Hillary Clinton has the passion, drive and experience to drive this country forward in the wake of many serious issues.

    Obama’s words are empty and college students are falling for it. It’s just not right.

    There is no better person to take on McCain than Hillary.

  27. sebastian says:

    This is a letter I received from a friend. Very interesting. More of the same? It is as follows:

    Hillary Was AGAINST the Civil Rights Act of 1964
    While a Republican and ‘Goldwater Girl’

    I know and appreciate that Barack Obama has taken the high road, but as a black man it is important to me that we all know the TRUTH about Hillary. Read This…..THEN SPREAD THE WORD !!!!

    A March 12, 2007 article written by acclaimed Washington columnist Robert Novak sheds a very revealing light on the true sentiment of Hillary Clinton during the peak of the Civil Rights Movement. Clinton recently was found to have minimized the great and monumental strides taken by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by stating that it was Lyndon B. Johnson, then president, who should receive the credit for the civil rights progress including the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

    In an attempt to attract black support Hillary Clinton regularly shares her ‘civil rights experience’ during every speech given to black audiences. Novak writes of one such speech at Selma’s First Baptist Church on the 42nd anniversary of the ‘bloody Sunday’ freedom march there, where Sen. Clinton declared: ‘As a young woman, I had the great privilege of hearing Dr. King speak in Chicago. The year was 1963. My youth minister from our church took a few of us down on a cold January night to hear [King]. . . . And he called on us, he challenged us that evening to stay awake during the great revolution that the civil rights pioneers were waging on behalf of a more perfect union.’ But Novak’s article states that there’s a big problem with her statement.

    The fact is, in 1963, not only was Hillary Clinton a republican, but she was also a staunch supporter of republican Senator Barry Goldwater, well known as a segregationist and one of the most vocal senators adamently against the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which is why he lost in his presidential bid to Lyndon B. Johnson. Novak writes ‘…how then could she be a ‘Goldwater Girl’ in the next year’s presidential election?’ He continues, ‘…she described herself in her memoirs as ‘an active Young Republican’ and ‘a Goldwater girl, right down to my cowgirl outfit.’

    Novak adds, ‘As a politically attuned honor stu dent, she must have known that Goldwater was one of only six Republican senators who joined Southern Democratic segregationists opposing the historic voting rights act of 1964 inspired by King. Hillary headed the Young Republicans at Wellesley College. The incompatibility of those two positions of 40 years ago was noted to me (Novak) by Democratic old-timers who were shocked by Sen. Clinton’s temerity in pursuing her presidential candidacy.’ Novak adds, ‘What Hillary Clinton said at Selma is significant because it betrays her campaign’s panicky reaction to the unexpected rise of Sen. Obama as a serious competitor for the Democr a tic nomination.

    Clinton’s plans were transformed by the advent of Obama, an African-American threatening the hard allegiance of black voters forged by Bill Clinton. On one hand, the Clinton campaign has attacked Obama and his supporters. On the other hand, she has sought to solidify her civil rights credentials.

    While Clinton was re-inventing her past, her road to the White House is not going as planned. Instead of a steady procession to coronation at the Denver convention, she is involved in a real struggle against credible o pponents led by Obama. No wonder she and her handlers were tempted to imply the existence long ago of a young lady in Chicago’s suburbs who never really existed.’

    We greatly appreciate Mr. Novak’s findings which bring one main thought to mind. Wake up Black America! DON’T BE FOOLED ! The fact is, despite her falsehoods, Hillary was AGAINST the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that Dr. Martin Luther King died for. As a ‘Goldwater Girl’ she was actually even against Lyndon B. Johnson, the very person she now gives the credit to for Dr. King getting to the mountaintop. She has worked extremely hard to hide many truths about her past, including ordering that her 92 page college thesis that she wrote at Wellesley College be ‘sealed’ and unavailable to the public, an order forced upon the college by Bill Clinton while president, although all senior thesis’ at Wellesley have been available for public reading for over 100 years, except one….Hillary Rodham Clinton’s.

    Reports have stated that information in her ‘secret thesis’ could be the ‘Swift Boat’ ammo to be used by the Republican Party against her should she become the nominee. (read more about ‘secret thesis’ at MSNBC)

    In addition to re-inventing her past, the most obvious new Billary Clinton strategy is to use ‘Token Negroes’ like BET Founder Bob John son , Tavis Smiley, and Magic Johnson to name a few, to attack and discredit Barack Obama, a tactic which many blacks find additionally offensive, calling these black Clinton cronies ‘sell-outs’. Spread the word….share the facts. The Clinton’s have been conning the black community for a long time and are NOT what they claim to be. I bet they go home at night, pour some expensive wine, kick their feet up and just laugh like crazy about what big black suckers we are. But now, it’s time to prove them wrong !

  28. Diane Marino says:

    Thank you for your service and i’m truly sorry for you and all of us who’ve paid a price for Sept. 11th. The numbers are staggering and unfortunately, I fear they will continue to grow.

    We have a short memory in this country but your letter reminded me of how we got to where we are. We were so traumatized by that attack. Had it been any other time in history, we would have resisted any suggestion of war. We just could never imagine that our patriotism and sense of national (and global) unity would be abused. We were manipulated. I know Hillary is a stabilizing force in America – and I fear we are being manipulated again.

  29. Larry Coury says:

    I am a very staunch supporter for Hillary’s campaign.
    However, I will not vote, if Obama is the Nominee.

    Larry Coury

  30. melania says:

    I’m a Canadian citizen of Asian descent, but I’ve been following Hillary’s political career since she became a senator.
    Among the candidates, I find Hillary to be the most qualified to become president.
    Here are my reasons why I believe she should be voted the 44th U.S. president:
    1. Universal health care.
    Canada is one of the countries in the world that offers universal health care, and being a Canadian citizen I know how it is a privilege to have an affordable universal health care. Major illnesses do not bankrupt a family. Hard-earned savings remain safe and protected from the vagaries of failing health. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a Canadian citizen of Asian descent who originally came from the Philippines where universal health care is but a dream. A major illness may mean bankruptcy or death. Death because one can not afford to be treated and hospitalized. Bankruptcy because all the hard-earned savings go towards the treatment of a sick loved one. Hillary’s plan for a universal health care should therefore be embraced by all Americans.
    2. Immigration.
    Hillary offers a comprehensive solutions to this complex problem.Let me cite one example to show her keen legal mind coupled by compassion towards the less fortunate in our society. She does not favor granting driver’s license to illegal immigrants, but she is in favor of providing access and opportunities for them to learn English, thereby helping them slowly but surely assimilate into American society. As a non-native speaker of English myself, I can fully appreciate the hardships endured by immigrants who happen to be deficient in the English language, although highly competent in their chosen professional fields. Her solutions reveal a thoughtful, compassionate, inclusive human being.
    I hope Americans will vote based on qualifications, not on gender or race.
    Good luck to you, Hillary. May you triumph in your quest to uplift the lives of ordinary people.
    May God bless you!

  31. Joe H. says:

    I have never been so enthusiastic about a candidate as I am for Hillary!!
    -Even though she is being challenged more then she ever has she still has a chance!!!
    -We have to fight for her, like she has fought for us!!
    -We can’t let this opportunity slip by!
    -I for one am still believing we can do it!!
    but it’s going to take more then faith, its going to take hard work, spreading the word, donating, volunteering.
    -I admit I can do more, and now I’m going to, because she needs EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US FIGHTING FOR HER!!
    -Don’t let this silly Obama bandwagon take hold!!

  32. YRN says:

    But what about this last ditch attempt to change her tactics – desperation or what! Somehow I think she will slip more and more.


  33. Joe says:

    I support Hillary Clinton. Period!!!

  34. Adam says:

    This is neither an indictment of the letter’s writer, nor of Senator Clinton, but rather a sad commentary on how fooled Dr. Carolyn was by Cheney, Rumsfeld, and their cronies. I’m quite shocked to have read ONLY ONE COMMENT in this entire series that notes the confusion of reasoning for Hillary’s war vote. The writer states:

    “In closing, although the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan make me sick with despair, after what you saw first hand on September 11th, 2001, I don’t blame you for taking the greatest measure available at the time to keep America safe. You did the best you could, with what you had, at the time.”

    It is a sad state of affairs when we still have people in this country as well as our good friends to the north that still think, or even give pause to reason that we went to war with Iraq as if they had ANYTHING TO DO WITH 9/11 WHATSOEVER; which of course we have always known they did not.

    At least you could have argued that the U.S. went in for purposes of national security or becuase of some impending threat of a mushroom cloud or WMD…what we should have done was finish the mission in Afghanistan & stabilized that country (which we did not) and then concentrated our addiotnal resources on the lawless tribal areas in northern Pakistan. The truth is, the last 7+ yrs have been catastrophic in terms of both foreign & domestic policy and either Hillary or Barack will be a welcome change!

  35. Adam

    You seem to be overanalyzing Dr Carolyn’s phrasing, taking her out of context and jumping to conclusions about her being fooled by Cheney, et al. Perhaps you need to re-read and re-think.

    Regardless of what we all know now and what many knew before we went into Iraq, you can not discount the experience of anyone on the ground right after 9/11. They may not fit together but people who were there have valid feelings and thoughts that only they share amongst themselves. Thank you.