I Am a Mom First and a Candidate Second

Hillary Clinton blasted MSNBC’s David Shuster today for his “incredibly offensive” on air remarks about Chelsea Clinton. Shuster, as noted here has apologized and even Keith Olbermann stepped up to the plate an issued his onw apology on behalf of the network last night. But, Hillary Clinton spoke up today … Continue reading

The Quiz Show on Iraq

Go read “The Quiz Show on Iraq” and take the quiz. It’s an eye-opener and the bottom line is “for any of them (especially one particular candidate) to disingenuously claim to have been consistently anti-war would be more than laughable. ” I’ve said here before that Obama’s “I’m the anti-war … Continue reading

How The West Was Won: Millions of Cell Calls for Clinton and Dunkin’ Donuts Democrats

In late January the Sac Bee had a piece boasting Obama’s Basic Training in California. Trainees were told to “share personal conversion stories with voters – not policy views.” In something reminiscent of my post on the cult like “movement” that Obama has grown, the Sac Bee reports that volunteers were … Continue reading

Olbermann on Shuster’s Chelsea Clinton Comment

Keith Olbermann spoke up last night on David Shuster’s shameful and appalling comment about Chelsea Clinton. Olbermann not only condemned his fellow MSNBC journalist’s disgusting remark, but also apologized on behalf of the network, with far more class and dignity than Shuster himself. Watch it here: H/T to Taylor. Howard … Continue reading

Flying the Chinese-Made American Flag to Stimulate the Economy

Walking down Main Street, pushing a grocery cart loaded with clothes, toys, and appliances was Marshbaum. Fastened to the right front corner of the cart was an American flag tied onto a three-foot ruler. “Patriot!” he was calling out. “Step aside for an American patriot!” “You posing as a homeless … Continue reading