Hillary’s At $9 Million and 90,000+ Donors Since Super Tuesday


Via DKos and Peter Daou, the Clinton campaign’s Internet Director:

The day after Super Tuesday, we set a goal of $3 million in 3 days, but broke through that target in less than 24 hours, raising over $4 million in the first day.

We then raised the goal to $6 million in 72 hours and quickly surpassed that.

As of this writing, since Super Tuesday, over 90,000 supporters have donated more than $9 million online.

We’ve now set a goal of $10 million and we are extremely gratified by the tremendous outpouring of support.

Hillary: I was overwhelmed by the wave of new contributors:  


You Go Girl! Keep it going.

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5 Responses to Hillary’s At $9 Million and 90,000+ Donors Since Super Tuesday

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  2. Janis says:

    Proud to be one of those contributors.

    And I know this sounds silly, but I fell really dumb and taken advantage of — not by HRC, though. I just learned something that made me feel really ticked off, mostly at myself because I shouldn’t have been so gullible.


    His supporters have been either saying that flat-out (because I suspect they don’t really know their candidate) or have been content to let that erroneous belief stand because it serves their purpose.

    I finally asked myself okay, what WAS his vote?

    He wasn’t even a Senator at the time! He gave a SPEECH against the war. And the minute he was actually in the Senate and had to puts his nards on the line, he fell in line like all the rest of them did. Voted to continue funding that stinking war four damned times. Voted to keep up with the Patriot Act, the whole works. Including that vote that ticked off so many people after the 06 elections; he toed the line just like the rest of them did.

    There is absolutely no difference at all between him and Clinton on the Iraq war. NONE. Oh, he says he “would have” voted against it if he’d had the chance.; Yeah, everyone “would have” hidden Jews in their attic, too — but how many people actually did when the chips are down?

    For a guy who “would have” voted against it if he’d had the chance, he sure rushed to fall in line once he was in the Senate.

    Damn it. DAMN IT. I have felt the need to defend my candidate on that front for MONTHS and the whole time, it was 100% BS!!! The whole damned time!

    Obama NEVER voted against the war, and the second he was in the Senate, he voted completely alongside Clinton. The minute he had to start triangulating just like her, he did it. The minute he had to risk his own neck, he fell in line, too. Damn it. God DAMN it.

    Yeah, I should have checked earlier — but that just means I should have called out his fans on their lies and misdirection SOONER. You can damned well bet I’ll be picking over all their claims with a fine-toothed comb from now on.

    Barack Obama VOTED FOR THE IRAQ WAR every chance he got, and for the same reasons Clinton did. That dog don’t hunt anymore.

  3. Paul says:

    Janis, i feel for you.
    THat is why Bill Clinton said his opposition to Iraq was a Fairy Tale.
    Instead of the media saying oh wait he has voted for it since he was in the senate and when he gave the speech he was not there to vote against it. It is sad.
    G.W.Bush, told us he would unit the country and he said washington needed fixed. Do you see the pattern? It is unfortunate that some are being duped into the same thing over again.
    Also, he has absolutely NO foreign policy knowledge or experience.
    He has never been to IRAQ, AFGHANISTAN, or any other country of conflict. HE never visited troops.
    Unlike Sen. Clinton, he has never reformed Education or HealthCare. And he has taken quite a bit of Lobbyist money himself and has Lobbyists working in his campaign.
    THis guy is a walking contradiction. I think his speeches are great. I want results not Rhetoric. Janis, please tell everyone you know of the unfortunate mistake you made.
    Thank you for having the accountability to say so. Sen. Obama would never clear that up becuase that is his whole campaign. For the future he says? Why does he need 60 and 70 year old politicians who are part of the same place and system he says is broken to help then? for the future? Why is he running ads saying he is a guy from the 60’s? Why does he say he passed a bill on Nuclear Power leaks when it got shelved and nibbled apart after Exxelon contributed 269,000 dollars to him???? That is only the tip of the iceberg, trust me. He never tells you what and how becuase he does not know.
    The truth shall set you free, but you will have to search for it becuase the media is not concerned with helping you make an informed decision.

  4. Janis says:

    Paul, I’m just glad that in the meantime, I followed my gut and voted for Hillary in the CA primary, and gave her money anyhow — just on the gut feeling that Obama’s supporters creeped me out and he was talking as if he were empty of content.

    He gave a pretty speech — and then when he got in, it was politics as usual. Why should I believe he’ll bring about “change” and do what his latest pretty speeches say he’ll do?

  5. In the information I’ve run across it looks to me like Obama favors increasing the size of the U.S. military even more than Clinton does. I favor decreasing it and having an immediate withdrawl from Iraq so that there will be no question that we don’t need to go down the road of militarism.

    What we need is a President who fights with her mouth and with her actions so that we don’t need to have bloodshed.