I Am a Mom First and a Candidate Second

Hillary Clinton blasted MSNBC’s David Shuster today for his “incredibly offensive” on air remarks about Chelsea Clinton. Shuster, as noted here has apologized and even Keith Olbermann stepped up to the plate an issued his onw apology on behalf of the network last night.

But, Hillary Clinton spoke up today on the issue, telling reporters in Bangor, Maine, “I found the remarks incredibly offensive.”

Clinton also “she sent a letter to NBC brass that called for swift action against Shuster, who was suspended Friday by MSNBC.”

Nothing justifies the kind of debasing language that David Shuster used and no temporary suspension or half-hearted apology is sufficient,” Clinton wrote to NBC News President Steve Capus, who apparently had already called Clinton to personally apologize.

“I would urge you to look at the pattern of behavior on your network that seems to repeatedly lead to this sort of degrading language,” Clinton wrote. “There’s a lot at stake for our country in this election. Surely, you can do your jobs as journalists and commentators and still keep the discourse civil and appropriate.”

The full text of Hillary Clinton’s letter is here.

Clinton also said in the letter, “I became Chelsea’s mother long before I ran for any office and I will always be a mom first and a public official second.”

And she told reporters on Friday, “I am a mom first and a candidate second. You know I can take whatever comes my way. That’s what I signed up for as a candidate and an office holder.”

Both of those statements really say it all, don’t they. The ever acid tongued Hart Williams who used to write here at the Dem Daily, apparently thinks my comment in an earlier post about this subject was shrill, because I said, “I know I sure as hell would be outraged if someone said something like that about my daughter, and anyone who thought Hillary Clinton and her campaign would sit back and let Shuster get away with this was dreaming.” 

I used to expect from from Williams on subjects like this, as one of his favorite things to do in the blogosphere has been to rip the media a new one on issues like this. But now instead, a woman on the campaign trail should not defend her daughter and likewise other women who are mothers should not be outraged. Give me break. All women with children (young or fully grown) are mothers first. And that includes Hillary Clinton and me.

Quite frankly, I don’t think Obama would have stood for it and I know damn well John Kerry never would have stood for Shuster making a remark like about one of his daughters in ’04. Frankly, as I said here last night, I am appalled that members of the party did not speak up. Appalled and disgusted. But that’s sexism for you, isn’t. The good old boys have rallied about Obama, and in their fight to put him in the White House, it’s anything goes against Hillary Clinton and her daughter. Shame on them.


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3 Responses to I Am a Mom First and a Candidate Second

  1. green bean says:

    People from all walks of life live on change. Businesses and organizations survive on change. With or without specific effort, changes are already undergoing. Democrats are stereotyping. Politicians are positioning. Senate is not functioning at its capacity. Stimulus Plan is getting from ridiculous to disastrous. Instead of proposing, planning and making a longer term, more effective and practical way to deal with the economy slowdown, they chose to hand out express cheques at the expense of future generations. Elected officials are playing partisan politics instead of doing people’s business. Pork barrel projects are their punch cards to report their presence. Think Tanks and Study Groups are sitting idly without much mean of their service. People are not afraid of change, they are afraid of there’ll be no change.

    One vote, one voice to address one’s issues, not the politicians’. Race, gender, age, and elite are things we all have to live with. Challenges are things we need to overcome. But the line is not so defined in this election process. Bush can change the role of America in the world, he chose not to. Rice can change the image of America in the world, she chose not to. And then here comes a candidate championing “Together we can transform America. We can transform the world.”

    —We are young. We are invincible. The world is for us to conquer. We pick up where you left off. We succeed where you failed. The sky is the limit. No pain no gain.— Been there, done that. But the way the movement is going, normal folks could be feeling a bit intimidated not to join in. Speaking out for or against it becomes uncomfortable. Media are acting as if they are on a vengeance, from Nazi to the Pimp, tolerate all indecency. Over analyse thinking and behavior by nationality is superficial. Universally, delusion and reality are 2 totally different rationales. Hype does not mean down-to-earth. Cocky is not subdued. But pimp is pimp in all languages.

    Challenges need solutions was essential right after 9/11 when there was no time to fool around. Six years later today, that might not be so urgent. I was not inspired by inspiration of words. 4 years ago, I was inspired by the determination on high road. It was good memory. What happened to the Senator I have learned to admire? Where were all those policies he used to fight nights and days for? The supporters who had been with him through tough times, rough times, hard times and good times, either have left or were left cold on the sideline wondering how much more should it take for the Senator to finally make a stand and condemn against the personal destruction of others. Where is the moral compass?

    Journalists whom I thought were decent are becoming more and more emotionally involved, and thereafter bias. Kennedys coming out in flock to rally around Obama like there is no tomorrow. People attract to a campaign with a slogan vibrate the halls with enthusiasm. All these charging imperfections are more than just a simple ‘Energy’ can explain. Such a phenomenon is as remarkable as inherited. Obamamiac is sweeping people off their feet as they listen to his rhetoric with their eyes. God has awesome power. But the God I know has no intention to be an awesome God.

    God grant me the serenity
    to accept the things I cannot change,
    The courage
    to change the things I can , and
    The wisdom
    to know the difference.

  2. Bill Eagle says:

    “I Am a Mom First and a Candidate Second”

    Pimping? I don’t think Hart was picking on anyone. The English language has changed, and some older people have not changed with it.

    On the other hand, I see that you are now running advertising.

    Judging from the Ann Coulter add at the bottom of your page…
    One would think you were promoting (one could say pimping for) Ann Coulter?

  3. Bill Eagle

    Thank you for sharing.

    The English language has changed, and some older people have not changed with it.

    Since when do “older people” need to change with language? Plenty of people, male and female were appalled by Shuster’s verbage.

    On the other hand, I see that you are now running advertising.

    The Dem Daily has always run advertising. It pays for the website. Time is money, Bill, and The Dem Daily like other blogs with considerable traffic depends on ads to pay for itself. Blogs are like other media outlets at this point – and blog owners do not neccessarily agree with the views of their advertisers.