The Quiz Show on Iraq

Go read “The Quiz Show on Iraq” and take the quiz. It’s an eye-opener and the bottom line is “for any of them (especially one particular candidate) to disingenuously claim to have been consistently anti-war would be more than laughable. ”

I’ve said here before that Obama’s “I’m the anti-war candidate” don’t fly with me because, after elected, when “the opportunity to oppose the war on many occassions once in the Senate, he did not. A look at his Senate and campaign websites show clearly that there are inconsistencies on his claims and his records.” Anyone who thinks that John McCain, if he is indeed the Republican nominee, will not take every opportunity to point out that Obama voted to find the war once in office and also voted against Kerry-Feingold, is sorely mistaken. The Republican nominee and the GOP will hit Obama hard on this and they will be relentless.  

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One Response to The Quiz Show on Iraq

  1. bjerryberg says:

    No need to get so worked up on this one guys.

    Obama has a couple big problems, facing him. And he may not be in this race for much longer because of them.

    Being a self-proclaimed anti-Establishment candidate of change–who is unanimously praised by the Establishment media–is paradoxical–but not the biggest problem.

    Increasingly detailed reports appearing in the London Times, Guardian, and Independent on the freshman Senator’s borderline legal dealings with organized crime figure Tony Rezko are hard to explain away and will be in the US press soon enough. Karl Rove prays to Satan for an Obama-Rezko ticket.

    The Wall St. nasties have Mussolini Mike Bloomberg waiting in the wings to capitalize if the Dems nominate Barry Obama, I fear.

    Either as an independent or through buying a spot on the ailing, elderly McCain’s ticket–Bloomberg is the fascist threat to succeed the fascist-leaning Cheney-Bush regime.