Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Ooh…look at the calendar.

No. Not at Abe Lincoln’s Birthday!

Valentine’s Day is two days away.

I certainly hope you already pre-ordered those flowers for your special someone. And, trust me, today is the last day for you to get the best chocolate and not the slim pickin’s you can get on the clearance rack at your local drugstore.

Besides, with the recession set to hit hard and very soon, this V-Day may be your last chance to go all “gangbusters”, for awhile. So make this one count, guys (and dolls).

In case you are still needing some help in the way of tips for how to observe Valentine’s Day, here’s a little bit of youtubery for you to study on: VALENTINE’S DAY DON’TS

Sorry. No hearts and flowers in today’s Ten Post Round-Up. But, I believe you’ll find a tasty morsel or two to whet your intellectual appetite.

1: Well, you won’t find red roses or red Valentine’s hearts in Saudi Arabia, this week. Heck, anything red is banned entirely…

Another Step Backwards: Cupid Outlawed By Saudi ArabiaBFD Blog!

2: Surprisingly, they are not really acting in secret, they live among us and they could even be our employers or our neighbors…

American BrownshirtsBlondeSense

3: And, yet, despite such poor planning, the wingnut brigade still insists we are winning…

Why We Are Not Winning In IraqBring It On!

4: Might Congress sue the president to keep him pursuing his long-term military goals in Iraq?…

Webb Suggests Legal Action Against Bush On IraqThe Huffington Post

5: Banks still stickin’ it to the lil’ guy…

Credit crunch? The Fed interest rate is in the basement right?Its my Right to be Left of the Center

6: If only there were a free market alternative to using the US Postal Service…

Postal Monopoly raises rates againLPCO Blog

7: If only Mr. Gore was in the race…

Why Al Gore Would’ve WonThe Ostroy Report

8: What is the IRS trying to hide?…

IRS Flouts Court Orders, Refuses to Release Data on Its Tax Enforcement ActivitiesPublic Citizen

9: Something is very wrong in this country when a business is treated more like a person than an actual, you know, person…

Corporations Given ‘Human Rights,’ Humans Are Denied ThemSigns of the Times

10: First there was the parody. Now, the parody has a parody…

‘Yes, We Can’ Parodies Better Than ‘Yes, We Can’Wonkette

SSG Dizzy got lucky, this year, since I’m sure there are some who would think I was heartless for not letting this latest deployment be a great excuse to get out of celebrating Valentine’s Day, I decided to let it go, this time.

I guess I’ll just start the tab and make sure he cashes it out in about 98 days.


(Save the dark chocolate coconut pieces for Dizzy!…)

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