Hillary Clinton Speaks to Crowd 12,000 Strong in El Paso (VIDEO)

Last night in El Paso, Texas Hillary Clinton received a rock star welcome at a rally of supporters that was 12,000 strong. Anne Kornblut claims in the WaPo that Hillary was “booed” when she mentioned her “differences with Obama over health care and the mortgage crisis.” If she was booed it sure as hell could not be heard over the screaming of support for what Clinton was saying. Kornblut’s piece in the WaPo is highly indicative of the hit pieces the media is known for when it comes to reporting on Hillary Clinton.

The exuberance of the crowd in El Paso, Texas last night could not be mistaken when I watched the video of Hillary’s speech below. Watch the video here:

There’s a vast difference between Hillary Clinton’s speeches and Barack Obama’s. I have said that here more than a few times. While Obama talks about creating a movement, Clinton talks in concrete terms about getting things done that need to be done: health care, environmental jobs, fixing the economy, ending the dependency on foreign oil, doing away with NCLB, ensuring that students can go to college. Clinton barely mentions Obama in her speech and when she does, it is only to draw contrast between their plans.

Hillary spoke in Texas again today, congratulated Obama on yesterday’s wins and stressed that she is ready for the coming contests:

I’d like to congratulate Senator Obama on his recent victories and just tell him to meet me in Texas,” Mrs. Clinton said. “We’re ready. We go on, and we are ready for the contests ahead. There are hundreds of delegates in play on March 4. We are organized and well positioned. This is a long journey to the nomination. Some weeks one of us is up and the other is down. And then we reverse it. … It’s a long and winding road.”

After Texas, she intended to fly to campaign in Ohio. But Wednesday, she said she would return to Texas next week and plans to stage a large rally in the Valley that the campaign hopes will attract up to 50,000 people.

“As we go into this incredibly important primary in Texas, we need to be comparing and contrasting,” Mrs. Clinton told her supporters.

“I am confident and optimistic that the people of Texas want real solutions,” she said.

Her message over all last night and today was positive and not at all divisive as Obama frequently claims. I have to wonder if the Obama team ever listens to her stump speeches, because clearly she’s not politicking in the way either Barack Obama, his surrogates or supporters claim she is. That is incredibly apparent in every stump speech she gives.

The full text of Hillary’s speech is here.

The El Paso Times has a few quips from an interview with Hillary that will run on Sunday.

Finally, contrary to Hillary’s incredible welcome in El Paso last night, Obama spokesman David Plouffe showed the true colors of the Obama campaign today by claiming they are on the “verge of wrapping this thing up.” Note to Plouffe… It ain’t over until the voters all have a chance to vote their conscience for the nominee of their choice and the votes are all tallied.

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15 Responses to Hillary Clinton Speaks to Crowd 12,000 Strong in El Paso (VIDEO)

  1. bjerryberg says:

    Yo’ Clinton people quit being so defensive, because of media hype touting the flavor of the month, Barry Obama.

    The corporate media is for Bloomberg –who needs to keep Obama in the race awhile longer.

    Wall Street’s Rock-Star Obama is the one who the corporate fascists favor–and who has some explaining to do.

    Probably to a federal jury. The case of international organized crime figure, Tony Rezko goes to trial March 3.

    A vote for Obama is a vote for Bloomberg–or McCain -Bloomberg with Mussolini Mike Bloomberg as the senior partner.

  2. BJerryBerg

    That’s the problem isn’t it – a vote Obama could very well end up a vote for some one eolse. Meanwhile all around the blogosphere those of us who do support Clinton get attacked for it. For any number of reasons you simply can’t say I don’t see that he has a solid position on issues – if you do you are called names. If you support Clinton you are called names.

    I’ve deleted a fair share of hate mail in recent days – and I’m not amused.

  3. P.S. Jerry

    If you think this is defensive go read Erica Jong on the Huff Po. She speaks for me.

  4. Lee says:

    Senator Obama is trying to portray himself as another Martin Luther King Jr. . He is a good orator but he is very short of ideas since he has taken some from other people. He is very inexperienced in dealing with national issues and I for one would be very leary of him being President. His record is not that great in the Legislature of Illinois where he voted present at least 130 times which is not a vote for anything. He doesn’t support the Iraq war but yet he doesn’t vote against anything to do with the war either. Since we have so many huge problems from the Bush debacle we need someone in there who has more experience and excellent ideas. It is really a very sad thing to see SEXISM alive and well because Senator Clinton is a better choice..

  5. bm says:

    Pamela: Great article. Here’s another take on the “booing” and Kornblut’s piece: maybe, although the roars and applause were overpowering the “boos”, maybe, just maybe, they were booing because Obama’s name came up, not because Hillary was making a comparison. I mean, why would someone boo Hillary at her own rally? That’s an absured comment. If I were at a Hillary rally and Obama’s name came up, trust me, I would boo too! We don’t want someone who can only promise hope! And Obama now, feeling the pressure to provide substance and details instead of rhetoric, is simply plagiarising by copying her economic ideas and plans. This is proof that Obama is inexperienced and a “Junior” Senator, as his title suggests.


  6. the press should stop siding Obama

  7. the press should stop giving us a news in Obama’s favour they should be professional in their dealings.

  8. Percy says:

    Awesome rally in El Paso. Thanks for the video…..to those 12,000 in El Paso, please take your enthusiasm, turn it into votes,hog tie your friends, family, aquaintances, and strangers to the polls to vote for Hillary.. She is really our only clear chance an opporunity for getting our troops home, Universal Health Care and Green Collar Jobs.

    Hillary ’08

  9. tsr says:

    Hillary Clinton is the most qualified candidate for President. She knows the issues that are important to American families. She speaks clearly and in detail about her plans.

    I voted for her in my state primary, which she won. I donated money to her campaign also and I will continue to support her all the way to the White House.

    I encourage you to support Hillary. We need a president who will MAKE changes not simply TALK about them.

  10. Steve Y. says:

    Obama is always bragging that he voted against the war in Iraq. Let’s examine that for a second. At the time of the vote, the Senators had intelligence reports that stated there were weapons of mass destruction there. There is no way Obama could have known that there were not weapons there, so in my opinion he voted AGAINST protecting America. What if a new enemy surfaces and the weapons turn out to be there for real–and Obama leaves the USA as sitting ducks?!!? Hillary has been to Iraq multiple times and can get us out of Iraq SAFELY. Obama has NEVER been to Iraq. Now Obama is stealing Hillary’s economic plan and claiming it his own. I want a leader that will come up with solutions and protect America. I am voting Hillary.

  11. marcy says:

    i urge all texan to vote for that candidate whom they believe can take our nation forward on day one because we face a huge challenge going forward and there will be no training sessions for the new president elect.
    sen obama motivational and inspiring speeches are good but when you are dealing with world leaders who wants answers and solution to major issues(remember our nation is the leader in the world) inspiring speehes won’t do.
    please vote on issues not by color.
    and i urge all latinos to please remember who was there for them in past and stay committed to Hillary . she has demonstrated her strenght in face of adversity. we need a president who is strong, committed and has the experience to tackle the issues we face today
    i am troubled by the black movement to elect a black president. my question to them is
    does it matter that our nations crisis demands that we elect the most qualified to lead not simply by color?. this country has given them a lot and now they must give back by making a smart choice and not a racial choice. i am an african american and i will vote on issues not by color.

  12. ec kostrubala says:

    I read your article and your link to that gal’s Washington Post article, where she claims Hillary Clinton was booed in El Paso.

    Hillary most certainly was not booed. It was Obama’s policy differences Hillary mentioned that were booed.

    How do I know this? I was there, volunteering for Hillary Clinton at that rally, and I booed. As did some others the moment Obama’s name was mentioned. All the rest of her stump speech, we cheered, hollered and applauded until we were hoarse. Not just we who answered the call to volunteer, but everyone else in the arena! It was deafening!

    El Pasoans are not particularly politically active. We had no idea how many, if much of any, people would show up at the rally. When lines upon lines of people arrived, waiting for hours in blocks that stretched around the building and down the street, that told me just how important Hillary Clinton’s campaign for President is to everyday Texans.

    El Pasoans, if your children are insured through the CHIP program, you can thank Hillary Clinton. If your children are left out of CHIP due to the Republican Presidents’ veto of its extension, you can rest assured that Hillary Clinton will make that right as soon as she’s President. If your children do not have health insurance of any kind, and half of El Paso’s (pop 750,000 ) children don’t, Hillary Clinton will make sure you will. If you are an El Paso adult without health insurance, and 40% of El Paso adults don’t have any insurance, Hillary Clinton will ensure you get health care.

    El Paso teachers and students, are you sick and tired of teaching-to-the-test and learning the right answers to the test? Do you want to educate once again? Do you want the joy of learning once again? Hillary Clinton will make education what it should be once she is President by getting rid of the failed and misnamed No Child Left Behind.

    El Paso military families stationed with our local Ft Bliss – do you want your sons, daughters and spouses home from Iraq? Do you want to know they will not face yet another tour of duty there, nor be called up to invade Iran next? Hillary Clinton will bring your sons, daughters and spouses home!

    El Paso, and Texas, has every reason to support Hillary Clinton. Everyone must go vote on March 4!

    EC Kostrubala
    Political Independant voting for Hillary Clinton March 4

  13. bjerryberg says:

    Guys, the corporate media is for Obama, do not worry about their tripe, and hype.

    It is the Economy, Stupid!

    I personally would prefer a freeze on home foreclosures to an inspiring poetic speech about nothing in particular from Sen Obama.

    The corporate media who built him up plan to bury Barry Obama with the story of his extensive borderline legal dealings with international organized crime figure, Tony Rezko (try getting that name past the censors at pro-Obama HuffPo.)

    If you want the fascistic Bloomberg/McCain ticket then the clueless Obama is your kind of Democratic nominee.

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  15. alyssa says:

    I was there. I can tell you that I didnt boo Hillary, we were all booing obama. Why would people who waited in line since 1:30pm to get in the door at 6:30 boo her??? the person that wrote thisand thought we were booing Hillary needs to do some closer investigating.

    El Paso loves Hillary.