A Candidate of Solutions

Don’t let the Beltway Boys write off Hillary!  

For those our readers who don’t subscribe to Emily’s List, who were early endorsers of Hillary Clinton, here’s the latest email from them:

Dear Friend,

Hillary Clinton: a candidate of solutionsI have always been grateful for the loyalty of EMILY’s List members. You know that campaigns — like life — have their ups and downs. When our women need help the most, you stand with them and see them through to their historic victories.

A few days ago, I wrote to you and asked you to help Hillary at this critical time. Your response was incredible — more EMILY’s List members than ever before stepped up to help Hillary. I thank you.

From New Hampshire to California, the beltway boys have been quick to write Hillary off – and we’ve proven them wrong at every turn. Right now, there is only a hair’s worth of difference in the delegate count between Hillary and her opponent and millions of people haven’t voted yet. We’ll prove the talking heads wrong as often as we need to – all the way to the White House.

With primaries just around the corner, we need to give Hillary the resources she needs to get her message straight to the voters – keeping her ads on TV, reaching the new voters turning out in record numbers, and paying for her aggressive grassroots get-out-the-vote operation. If you give online right now, she can put your contribution to work over the weekend to deliver her message of change straight to voters. Click here to contribute.

Hillary is a candidate of solutions – and millions of people who haven’t voted yet know that the country needs the solutions she’s ready to deliver on day one. Her plans for universal health care, fixing the economy, and creating good jobs are moving large coalitions of Hispanic voters, working women, middle-class families, and seniors.

Let’s show what progressive, pro-choice Democratic women can do when we stand together. Click here to contribute.

Thank you for your leadership and all you are doing to help this historic campaign.

Warmest regards,

Ellen Malcolm

Ellen R. Malcolm

P.S. Women voters are turning out in record numbers for Hillary because they know she wakes up every morning thinking about how she can make their families’ futures more secure. Please help Hillary win critical upcoming primaries.

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One Response to A Candidate of Solutions

  1. Congratulations on the New Mexico outcome. The challenge, according to a page at http://www.abcnews.go.com/Politics/
    is that Sen. Clinton now has 1224 delegates and 9,957,081 votes versus 1297 and 10,024,944 of each for Sen Obama. This seems to be a pretty dramatic reversal from where things were as recently a 2-6.