Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up: Valentine’s Treats

Ah…Valentine’s Day. A day for sweethearts to express their love for one another. Sadly, like Christmas, this holiday has been so over-commercialized that too many of us feel like we have to meet some pretty high expectations to come out of this day unscathed.

I have never expected much from SSG Dizzy, except for the usual flowers (red and white…our first date/wedding colors) and chocolates (it feeds my addiction). I frown on expensive gifts like jewelry and the like because I am basically a simple girl. Besides, my husband spoils me rotten, so Valentine’s Day is like any other day of the year, only everyone celebrates, not just us.

I’ve always been a firm believer that we should take time to express our love and adoration for all those whom we care for. That’s why, I always include gifts for my children and friends on Valentine’s Day. And I have something for you, my dear reader.

I give you the gift of music, of course: My Funny Valentine – Michael Bublé. If you follow to the end of today’s Round-Up, you will find the rest of your gifts, just bear with me.

There’s a whole lotta love (and hatin’) goin’ on in today’s Ten Post Round-Up.

1: Larry Craig gets a Valentine from the Senate Ethics Committee…

Larry Craig gets spanked by the Ethics Committee — but not that hardAMERICAblog

2: Thankfully, John McCain’s Valentine was outvoted…

Who’s Your Maverick? John McCain Votes In Favor Of TortureCrooks and Liars

3: New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo served 16 Valentines to the nation’s largest health care insurer….

Insurers Accused Of Using “Rigged Data” To Manipulate CustomersThe Huffington Post

4: Welch’s sending out “lickable” Valentines?…

Tasteful AdsJ-Walk Blog

5: The “General” sends a Valentine to a Christian Persecution Expert…

Get Tight With ChristJesus’ General

6: Something sweet to remember about an Illinois presidential candidate who beat the odds?…

A Cinder-fella storyLeft of Centrist

7: GWB is trying to scare up more frightened Valentines…cuz life is sweeter for him when we are afraid…

More Scared=More Safe?One Pissed Off Veteran

8: Retailers got a sweet morsel in January…thanks to rising gas prices…

Retail sales surprisingly strong in January in U.S.Signs of the Times

9: Conyers introduces Valentines to be served against some of GWBs BFFs…

Conyers introduces Miers/Bolten contempt resolutionsThink Progress

10: Black Velvet for the Neo-Con who has everything, this Valentine’s Day…

Black Velvet Bush Administration Will Make Your Eyes Bleed with JoyWonkette

Now that you have had your fill of “funny” Valentines, how’s about we talk about dinner. Especially for you, I present a Valentine’s Day pork chop:

A rose from my very own garden:

And a trip around the world:

Peace and Love

(You can never have too much chocolate…)

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