Ohio Town’s Dem’s See Hope Differently: A Racial And Economic Divide?

The Washington Post has done a masterful article on a rust belt Ohio town struggling with racial divide and economic disaster. How do those components of a common reality in the USA impact their presidential decision making? Talking about white Bo Huenke instigating arguments with his co-workers to make the … Continue reading


I’m an unabashed fan of globalization, at least in concept. At the same time I try to keep an open mind regarding how well it’s being executed. The point being, of course, that in striving for a more intelligent mode of managing Planet Earth, nothing will really be possible if … Continue reading

Democratic Party Enthusiasm Skyrocketing

Thanks to Polling Report for their constant poll tracking. They have polls on almost every conceivable topic. This explains the massive turnout increases we’ve seen in every election this season. If you want to know the current poll ‘pulse’ Polling Report is the place check daily. Well worth the visit.

Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

Just gonna keep it simple, today. That seems like something that is missing from my life right now: simplicity. Of course, that’s not going to change any time in the very near future, so long as SSG Dizzy is still doing the Iraq Deployment Shuffle. Thankfully, I have music to … Continue reading