McCain and Distancing Himself From Bush: How?


It’s obvious that John McCain sold out in 2004 after a bitter divisive primary in 2000. In the intervening years the Bush Administration has been a one disaster after another. McCain, to have any shot in the general election will need to distance himself from the repeated Bush Disasters

But photos like these, which exist in many places will make that all the harder. John McCain, in my opinion, is a man more comfortable attacking from the outside than being the leader on the inside. He has a formidable mountain to climb.

With the increased Democratic turnout it may be impossible. BTW: Many take this general election for granted. I don’t. We’d better be ready to fight for every vote. That’s why we need a warrior as our nominee.

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2 Responses to McCain and Distancing Himself From Bush: How?

  1. I’ve seen the picture and figuered that it had to be a composite. There is no way in hell (I hope) that McCain has ever really approached Bush with such adoration. I mean, how about a little self respect!

    I’m not convinced that the Republican Party will be able to distance itself from the BUSHCO “disaster” (for us, but they’re laughing all the way to the bank with the single largest haul in all of recorded history) by 2012. To find a way to do it while the monstrosity still occupies the Whitehouse? I give the American people more credit that that.

  2. It’s the real deal. A real photo. Amazing.