The Presidents and the Democratic Candidates

First, supporters referred to him as the new MLK; then he became the next JFK with testimonies from Teddy and Caroline. After that was worn out, people began comparing him to Bobby. . . . our next great hope . . .even though Bobby’s children supported his opponent. Now, on Presidents’ Day, he is referred to as the next Abraham Lincoln: the great orator, the great uniter, the great integrator.

Whew! These are big shoes to fill, even on Presidents’ Day.

Yet, today IS Presidents’ Day, so let’s look at who fills whose shoes. Let’s imagine a comparison to the other president we are honoring today . . . the less flashy one . . . the one who presided over the revolutionary war as Commander in Chief, the one who was the great strategist, the excellent tactition, the one who patiently held together a fragile republic and presided over the Philadelphia Convention that drafted the U.S. Constitution, the one who developed the policies and procedures of the new government, the one who was elected to be the first president of the United States and who held that position for eight years and then stepped down. 

I say, let’s compare Hillary Clinton to George Washington. Don’t laugh! While they don’t look alike on the surface, the share a great deal in common.

When George Washington was elected President of the United States of America, he was 57 years old. He was already respected for his many years of public service to the fledgling republic, for his years of holding things together by sheer force of will, by his deep sense of duty to his country. He is described as courageous, far-sighted, humble, just, humane.

His colleagues valued him because he was:
solicitous of the opinions of others, but decisive;
intent on general goals but fastidious toward consistently implementing them.

He was dignified at all times, especially under pressure. He was attentive to the welfare of others.

Aren’t these EXACTLY the qualities we value in Hillary Clinton? And aren’t these the qualities that Hillary’s opponents often mock?

Yet, I suggest that our times are very much like the times of the fledgling republic. These are revolutionary times. . . times when we must take back the values that once made America great, mend our relationships with others around the world, revolt against the misuses of power that have put the wants of the rich ahead of the needs of the middle class and the poor. We need a green revolution for a sustainable earth and the schools and education to foster it.  These are times when we must reestablish the values of humility and honesty in our public officials. These are times when we must use the force of diplomacy to mend our relationships with other countries in the world and use military force only when absolutely necessary.

There was a day when the virtues and qualities of George Washington were highly regarded. George Washington received 100% of the electoral votes cast by the men of the United States in 1789. Now, all of us, men and women of all races and creeds, citizens of the United States of America, have an opportunity to cast our votes for a highly qualified and dignified woman: Hillary Clinton.

This is an opportunity to Make History. Will we sieze the opportunity?

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2 Responses to The Presidents and the Democratic Candidates

  1. bjerryberg says:

    The linked items suggest how the US election is viewed elsewhere. They openly discuss the dossier that could be used to bury Barry Obama at the opportune moment. This is well beyond swift-boating–it verges on ritual mutilation.

    Gingrich and Norquist gloat in the British piece. And a US intelligence professional indicates the likely lines of attack should Sen. Obama be the nominee on HuffPo.

    A vote for the Chicago time-bomb Obama is a vote for Mike Bloomberg–the actual choice of the Wall St./London Right-Wing.

    And a glowing endorsement of Obama from British Tory party Right-Winger Lord William Rees-Mogg in the Sunday Times of London. The man is Ken Starr’s hero. The comparison of Obama to JFK is ominous coming from this source–as much threat as compliment.

  2. Excellent writing. You are a pleasure to read.