Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

There is so much going on in the world, today, it’s getting hard to keep up.

That’s why I had to go out and upgrade my coffee mugs. I need more of my morning cuppa to keep me from nodding off while reading the tons of news stories and blog posts that come my way on a daily basis.

Sadly, there is not a concoction, legal or otherwise, that keeps my head from exploding whenever I read about the shenanigans of our illustrious president and his cohorts.

But, so long as I have my morning cuppa (in the new and improved 20 oz mug) and instant messaging (to chat with SSG Dizzy on a daily basis), I’m a happy camper. Sure, I have worries. But, I am doing just fine.

So, today, I present to you some mood music from Mary J. Blige: Mary J. Blige – Just Fine – Official Music Video

Unfortunately, “fine” is not a word that can describe what you will find in today’s Ten Post Round-Up:

1: “Thanks for the endorsement, Mr. President. Now, please go away”…

McCain To Bush: Don’t Stand So Close To MeCrooks and Liars

2: I’d put him in my “fave five”…

Charles Barkley Calls Out “Fake Christians”Friendly Atheist

3: “Because this is the one kind of hate no one seems to be willing to stand up against”….

Just One More Dead Fa**otThe Huffington Post

4: After reading this, my head hurts…ALOT…

Religion and nanotechnologyInstitute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

5: Where there’s smoke, there’s fire or The louder they scream, the harder they fall…

Your Monday Republican child porn post..Its my Right to be Left of the Center

6: Yo, can you spare an extra $3 Mil?…

Six Million TracksJ-Walk Blog

7: John McCain is certainly no Bill Clinton…

Fox Host Trace Gallagher Admits John McCain Has Temper & Threw Around F-Bombs In CongressNews Hounds

8: Momma’s don’t let your babies grow up to be Bushes…

Willie Nelson: Impeach Bush, “Throw The Ba****ds Out”Open Your Mind’s Eye

9: Think Canada is neutral in the “war on terra”? Think again…

Canada’s secret war in IraqSigns of the Times

10: You don’t say?…

poverty destroys peopleskippy the bush kangaroo

As scary and hopeless as the news is, most days, I’m thankful for the Internet. I am happy to have access to news at my fingertips from hundreds of sources, rather than relying on the mostly unreliable “mainstream” media.

Ignorance may be bliss, but I prefer to rely on my morning cuppa for that light-headed feeling.

336 days until the end of an error…


(Make mine triple grande, plz…)

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