Is The Obama Bubble Bursting?

It really is inevitable, that the bubble known as the Obama phenomena would go on forever with out bursting. Today there’s discussion on just that. Jeralyn has the scoop at Talk Left. As Paul Krugman notes, the bursting of the Obama bubble is “it’s already starting — probably too late to have much effect on the nomination fight, but in plenty of time to affect the general election.” That is something voters need to think about in the states that have yet to cast their votes for the nominee.

I’m with Krugman, I have a “bad feeling” about the way things are going. I was a disenchanted voter for most of my adult life. I have a hard time wrapping myself around the fluffy idealism of Barack Obama when this country is in such a mess. I don’t think Obama can hold his own against McCain and at least one poll shows that.

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3 Responses to Is The Obama Bubble Bursting?

  1. bjerryberg says:

    This item below gives one even more of a taste of what lies ahead if Dems continue to be seduced by the siren song of Obama-mania and Obama-mentum.

  2. sarajohns says:


    I usually never blog, but with family and friends in the military, the comment by michelle obama offends me deeply. I am pretty much an independent, and have not voted in Texas yet. This reveling freudian slip made me curious what else is hiding behind the Obamas.

    And GUESS WHAT, I found that Mrs. Obama’s thesis at Princeston Univeristy titled: “Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community”
    is blocked till Nov. 5, 2008….(after the election)


    tax records are one thing, but as an American voter I have a right to KNOW what the presidential candidate’s wife thinks!

    I used to admire Sen. Obama, but no more, I will not be voting for Sen. Obama on March 4th!!!

    Thank you.

  3. Andy Witmyer says:

    Far from it.