Dizzy’s Ten Post Round-Up

You would not believe what I have been going through the last few weeks…well, maybe you could.

It’s just that I have been so bogged down with a massive to-do list that would not go away, it seemed like it was out to get me, making it difficult to prioritize anything or kill the tasks in front me. I was feeling extremely overwhelmed.

But, I did it. I stomped the beast…finally! Sure, I have plenty of things ahead of me, but today’s (and last week’s…and even last month’s…yes, I was WAY behind…) to-do list is officially dead and buried. I can finally move on. I just spent the last two days marching through my list…when I finally got to the end of it, I was still looking for work to do. But, now I’m just grasping. My work (for now) is done.

So, of course, it goes without saying, that I have an appropriate (and up-beat) song, to tag this momentous event: Vanessa Williams-Work To Do

I guess I need to get “crackalackin’ ” on today’s Ten Post Round-Up:

1: Speaking of “work”, our military is definitely being overworked by GWB…

88% of military officers say Bush has stretched military “dangerously thin”AMERICAblog

2: Has the mystery been solved on the undersea cables?…

Saboteurs may have cut Mideast telecom cables: UN agencybreitbart.com

3: Bush’s Legacy: Africa (But what about THIS country?)….

Bush in AfricaThe Huffington Post

4: Onwards and Upwards?…

Jason Leopold no longer working for TruthOutIts my Right to be Left of the Center

5: The costs of ex-gay programming can be measured in the detriment to individuals and their families…

Videos revealing the secret world of Love in ActionPam’s House Blend

6: This is pathetic and disgusting and very frightening (could this end up being you or me?)

ABC: Fired officer claims woman’s ‘fall’ gave her black eyes, broken teethRaw Story

7: You can run, but you can’t hide?…

Consumers may not be able to avoid cloned foodSan Francisco Chronicle

8: The “lighter side” of America’s health care system?…

Our Nation’s Health Care System: It’s Fan-tastic!Shakesville

9: So, do they make a bicycle for five?…

Oil Jumps Above $100Signs of the Times

10: Hey! At least, they actually provided helmets (what do you expect from a GWBFF?)…

Military contractor rewarded for shortchanging troopsThink Progress

With this country going to H.E.Double-toothpicks, in a hand-basket, it looks like we all have some work to do between now and November.

If only we could rely on our legislators to do their jobs.

335 days until the end of an error…


(I think I need a nap…)

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