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Astounding. Via TPM:

This was just painful to watch. Chris Matthews skewered a hapless state senator from Texas during last night’s primary election coverage. I don’t think we’ll be seeing this guy trotted out as an Obama surrogate again any time soon: 

There’s varying opinions on whether or not Watson falling flat on his face is a reflection on Obama. Clearly from the video above via TPM, Watson preferred to talk the hope line than policy. All well and good, but some folks still want more substance:

Here’t the bottomline for me… I understand that Barack Obama is inspiring to many people. He doesn’t strike me in that way. At this point in time what inspires me is too hear a candidate talking about the issues. In ’04 I knew John Kerry’s stance on the issues, inside and out. When I hear people say well it’s all on Obama’s website, I know that the average Joe isn’t going to go looking for them. They just won’t and Obama supporters and Obama surrogates should know this stuff, in my opionion and not be caught fumbling in a national interview.

Watson got caught fumbling. Hilzoy thinks Chris Matthews didn’t do his job. On the contrary he asked what should have been a relatively easy question and the surrogate failed the test. Imagine… just imagine if that happens in the general election.

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