Creating a Pattern

Earlier in the week it was noted in the news, that Barack Obama “borrowed” phrases from Deval Patrick and used them in his speeches. The media is now starting to take a look at patterns Obama has created with in his campaign that are leaving some voters, including myself, cold. A reader sent me this video compilation of clips of borrowed phrases that Obama has been using in his campaign speeches:

There’s something intrinsically wrong in my opinion with Obama’s claim that voters are being “bamboozled” while he’s doing a fair amount of that himself. His record on the issues is far from progressive and there’s still time for voters to turn this around and go for the true progressive candidate

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Pamela Leavey is the Editor in Chief, Owner/Publisher of The Democratic Daily as well as a freelance writer and photographer. Pamela holds a certificate in Contemporary Communications from UMass Lowell, a Journalism Certificate from UMass Amherst and a B.A. in Creative Writing and Digital Age Communications from UMass Amherst UWW.
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17 Responses to Creating a Pattern

  1. john stone says:

    I just heard that a helicopter carrying Senators Kerry, Biden and Hagel and some staff members made an emergency landing in Afghanistan. Thank God they are all right!

    John Stone

  2. Andy Witmyer says:

    John Stone: I didn’t hear about this – but if this is true, I’m also thankful that they’re okay!

    Pamela: I think the whole line borrowing thing is a bit over-the-top. It’s sad that the debate is being reduced to this. If Hillary wants to effectively compete with Obama, she’s going to have to communicate to Americans in a more positive way. Right now, whether her attacks are valid or not, it just seems like desperation. And it’s sad to see her campaign going in such a negative direction.

  3. Andy

    You know if you ever listened to Clinton’s speeches you would hear a woman who communicates with the American people in a very positive way on the issues.

    If you only listen to what Barack Obama says then you hear that she’s negative and divisive. That is Barack Obama’s take and his attempt to draw a difference between the two of them. Sadly what he does in using these memes is negative and often sexist and hypocritical in my opinion.

    I’m sorry, but I look at this election with the eyes and ears of woman who has been down the road of struggling to be heard and I think it sucks that Obama diminishes who she is every chance he gets.

  4. Steve Cohn says:

    Hi there Pamela,
    I assume you watched the debate and the “borrowing” of words was addressed nicely. Overall, I thought it the debate was good for the democratic party.

    There is something interesting I heard on the CNN & MSNBC post analysis. Hillary’s last comment, notably the most moving of her comments, was very, very simular to a John Edwards speech wrap up. Now that’s irony if it turns out to be true. The low point is was her zerox comment and her high point was on borrowed words. I don’t know the details but if media can pull itself away from John McCain’s dating life I’m sure we’ll hear more about it.

    Either way, it just goes to show that most politians, if not public speakers in general, borrow and use ideas/phrases from speeches.

    And on your comments about Barack being negative, I don’t see that. He does have to respond to a lot to negative comments (not ready, get real, all words & no action) though.

    It’ll be an interesting few weeks ahead of us.
    I hope all is well,

  5. Steve Cohn says:

    Here are two links about the borrowed stuff. Again- my point is not to be negative towards Hillary, but that people borrow lines/ideas & phrases all the time. Barack’s borrowing was from his own campaign staff.

    I am not familiar with “the politico” so if it’s a uncredible source, I apologize. The first I heard of it was when MSNBC mentioned it.

  6. Hi Steve

    I wonder had the “xerox” comment come from another man if it would have been considered a low moment. That sort of slap back is generally more acceptable man to man than it is coming from a woman. The audience didn’t like it. clearly, but it was as an off the cuff line pretty sharp. She’s a fighter.

    Women who have fought for their entire life to get ahead, to acheive, don’t always come off as warm and fuzzy like other women do. That’s why everyone gets over analytical about her genuine moments. Tough women don’t let their guard down very often in full view. Neither do tough men for that matter.

    Poltico has some thoughts on whether she “borrowed” from Edwards. Kinda sad if you want my opinion that each time she shows her genuine self, the Obama camp jumps on it. Kinda sad.

  7. Steve

    Borrowing lines is common, I think it’s best when they are attributed though. I admire the speech writer or speaker that makes the point to do so when ever possible.

    I actually linked to the Politico piece in my first response to you. I think Ben Smith nailed the difference:

    Some borrowing is fairly normal. What’s been striking about the two Obama moments is that they were almost verbatim.

    A point that the video above shows is that some of what Obama has used in his speeches can be attributed to the likes of Malcolm X and Alice Walker. I find it odd that he wouldn’t preface them with that attribution. Just me.

  8. Steve Cohn says:

    Hi Pamela –
    The Obama camp didn’t jump on it. It was from Politico and then broadcasted on MSNBC.

    If you are referring to me as the Obama camp and jumping on it, keep in mind the only reason I paid attention to this topic in the first place is the Clinton camp started this whole “silliness.”

    I know you see the Obama folks as negative, jumping on things, etc etc but the majority of people out there don’t. If they did, they wouldn’t be voting for him and supporting his campaign.

    Clinton cast the first negative ad & mailers in Wiscn. His ads were resposnes. He also doesn’t have a newly formed $10m 527 swiftboat group working for him. There was a 527 group in Ca that started to support him and he told them to stop. He has not mentioned any of the non-policy “baggage” she has, he has not pounced on the tax return disclosure issue and has never taken any cheap shots. You of all people should be repulsed by the 527 situation after what Kerry went through.

    Hillary is behind, in my opinion, for the very simple fact that people do not trust her. To me, it’s that’s plain and simple. She is a polarizing figure. It’s a statisitcal fact that has shown up in poll after poll after poll. On teh republican side, no one trusted Romney and he was out pretty quick. People trust McCain and he came back from no where.

    People follow people they trust. It’s really that simple.

  9. Steve

    Oops… I thought I read that the Obama camp jumped on it on POlitico, but it wasn’t Politico, it was on the Washington Note:

    Meanwhile, as I write this, CNN reports that the Obama people are circulating a comparison between a line from Clinton during the debate and a very similar line used by John Edwards. That seems contrary to the whole point of Obama’s rebuttal to the “plagiarism” charges, which is that people don’t care about or like this tit for tat stuff. I agree — and the Obama campaign should cut it out too. It doesn’t hurt Clinton at all and it undercuts Obama’s credibility on political change, which is central to his candidacy.”

    As for the 527 org’s perhaps you don’t realize that who endorsed Obama is a 527. So is the SEIU and the AFL-CIO. Let’s not lump them all together as bad, since at least a few 527’s have endorsed Obama and are raising money towards electing him. I think if Barack Obama wants her to denounce the 527 org formed to promote her campaign then he needs to tell the org’s that endorsed him that he doesn’t want their endorsements.

    The 527 backing Hillary doesn’t compare with what Kerry went through from the SBVT. However, the constant Hillary has “baggage” routine from Obama and his supporters, is very similar to the crap that the wing nuts said about Kerry that he couldn’t shake because they said it so much, like Kerry is an elitist.

    Take off the blinders, Steve , Barack Obama and Michelle Obama referring to Hillary, saying when the “claws come out” is a rude, sexist statement – a 100% cheap shot. If Hillary said that about Michelle Obama we’d all be hearing about it.

    People do follow who they trust. I trust Hillary. I get that she’s not polarizing and that the simple act of repeating it over again, has clouded the good judgment of many. Obama is no fool – he knew that when he started repeating those right wing talking points about her and packaging them up with hope. Good gracious. Who’s bamboozling who?

  10. Steve

    Obama never told the 527 in CA to “stop”. All he said was he didn’t ask them do what they were doing. By law candidates can not be connected to the 527’s or ask for their help. It’s more hypocrisy from Obama, he feigned indignation over the pro Clinton 527.

  11. bacalove says:

    I really believe that Obama was superior to Hillary on all points: emotionally and mentally. At the very end, however, Hillary (a consumate actress from years in the White House and Scandal) put on another Staged Performance, borrowing lines from Edwards and her Husband –

    Hillary Clinton, last night: “You know, the hits I’ve taken in life are nothing compared to what goes on every single day in the lives of people across our country.”
    Bill Clinton, 92: “The hits that I took in this election are nothing compared to the hits the people of this state and this country have been taking for a long time.”

    to emotionally sway the people to think that, that is the real Hillary coming through. However, we’ve seen this all before (it is like the Boy crying wolf). The real Hillary is the one who, time after time, after Obama wins a primary or caucus, comes out on stage and does not have the decency to Congratulate him at all. THAT IS THE REAL HILLARY!

    And Yes, the Lady Doth Plagerizes, but is smart enough not to use All of the Words, Just most of them. It is the heigth of Hypocrysy!

  12. leverne says:

    It seems to me that what everyone here does is jump on Obama, for everything and make her sound like some kind of saint. I thought this was a “democratic site” not a Hillary site?? Guess I was wrong.

    To me Hillarys (borrowed) closing statement (Edwards said it more than once) was in bad taste after her going after Barack for his borrowing lines …. she not only borrowed that from Edwards .. but everything Barack says the the media phrase him for .. she then says later. “Change – yes we can – all sorts of things if you listen to both (as I do because I can’t make up my mind) it has become increasingly clear to me that she copies anything she can from him .. if he hadn’t taken the high road in this campaign .. believe me you would be seeing a total different Hillary … nasty and negative … as when Bill started out with his nasty remarks .. had it worked she would have been right in there tooth and nail! To me she’s just playing the part … doing whatever seems to work .. he’s the one, Barack that seems sincere and geniune. After last night’s debate .. it finally made up my mind .. I’ll be voting for Barack.

    Oh, and by the way … I’m a white female over 60 and not rich, but like that one post stated … I don’t trust her!

  13. Leverne

    This is a Democratic blog, but like many blogs and bloggers, some of the writers here including myself have endorsed Hillary Clinton. Some who do not write here as frequently have endorsed Obama.

    The phrase “Yes we can” is a translation of “Si Se Puede” which has been used by the United Farm Workers for decades. The UFW, incase you missed it and Dolores Huerta one the founders, endorsed Hillary Clinton.

    During the 2004 election John Kerry used the phrase “Change Starts Here” which I immediately reflected on when Obama started with the “change” theme.

    Obama hasn’t taken the “high road” by any stretch. No sooner had the candidates left the stage last night, when his press team sent out an email to the media attacking Clinton’s closing statement. Talk about a slap in the face, she reached out to him, said how proud she was to be in this race with him and they turn around and slap her.

  14. Bacalove

    I don’t think you have a clue who the real Hillary is.

  15. kcowley says:

    Unfortunately Leverne and Bacolove, you are both so embedded in the common double standards of sexism that women are subjected to, you appear to be unaware of its existence in your statements.

    Michelle Obama’s “run your house statement” is a classic example, for surely a democratic candidate’s wife wouldn’t consciously make a sexist statement.

    Nor would the candidate himself, yet he did very recently-
    “I understand that Senator Clinton, periodically when she’s feeling down, launches attacks as a way of trying to boost her appeal.

    This is often the case with racist statements as well.

  16. leverne says:

    I believe it’s already been posted here that it was not Baracks campaign that sent out that email after the debate last night … so I won’t go into it again ..

    I don’t think Hillary is a bad person … she just doesn’t instill any trust in me .. and I don’t think she could heal the wounds and damage done around the world by our current admisitration .. to me it will take someone far more of a uniter than she is. I could list all sorts of reasons why I support him, but sadly it would fall on deaf ears here so I won’t.

    This is just my opinion .. and I believe we’re all still entitled to our opinions.

    For me … I’m for Barack hands down and for the media to carry on and on about all this silliness about where each one gets their lines from is just that .. silliness, because they have to come up with something to keep everyone tuning in.

    Believe me, the republicans (if he gets the nomination) will come up with tons of “gutter politics” to try and take him out so hopefully some of the folks here will at that point get behind him … as I will get behind her if she gets it. Either one will be a huge improvement from what we now have.

  17. Leverne

    Every media outlet that reported on Clinton’s words last night reported that Obama’s campaign DID send out the email claiming she had borrowed Edwards words, “immediately” after the debate.

    It’s everywhere and yet you claim they didn’t?

    This is part of what astounds me with Obama supporters. The Obama camp has phone conferences with the press every day. They let things slip that they want to get into the press, the make insinuations, they do everything that every political camp does and has done for years.

    They are not above the fray and anyone who thinks they are has blinders on.

    I will grant that the stuff about the borrowed lines has reached silliness, but honestly, Obama’s team attacking her after she reached out to him in a genuine moment stating how proud she was to be in the race with him was among the sleaziest things I have ever seen in this campaign. Ranking up there with him turning his back on her at the SOTU.

    In the archetypal imaging of women, Leverne, women are the healers of world. Hillary Clinton, if you look at the archtypes that surround her persona, is a healer, the mother, and the warrior to name a few. SHe knows how to get stuff done and has proven that in her tenure in the Senate.