Hillary’s Shining Moment

I didn’t get a chance to watch all of the debate tonight, but what I did watch was worth watching. Especially the end of the debate when she was asked to describe the moment in her life when she was most tested. Her response was truly Hillary’s shining moment ending with a standing ovation:


It was a moving and genuine moment from Hillary. One of those moments when it’s hard to discount that she’s given so much of herself and her life to our country and she’s fought the good fight for so long.

Hillary also made some very strong points tonight when she pushed the envelope on the health care issue. It’s an issue that Obama isn’t as strong on, and she had the upper edge in tonight’s debate.

On health care, Clinton favors mandated coverage while Obama does not. [See where they stand on health care]

Clinton feels she can gain ground against Obama on the issue, Schneider said.

“She knows Obama is most on the defensive when talking about health care — she understands this issue through and through, and wants the audience to know it,” he said.

When asked how a President Clinton would be different from a President Obama on the economy, both candidates stressed that they have similar plans for the economy, because it’s the “Democratic agenda,” as Clinton described it.

I’ve said here in the past I think Hillary’s health care plan is the best plan. I say that as someone who doesn’t have health care. We can’t make this work with out a solid plan and her plan is the best, in my opinion. She said tonight when she pushed the debate on the issue it is one the top issues she hears about from voters while on the campaign trail. I have no doubt. She heard it from me a few weeks ago when I met her. It’s not just an issue with her, it’s a basic right, as she has said that all American’s should have.

The full transcript of the debate is here and you can watch Hillary’s opening statement here

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9 Responses to Hillary’s Shining Moment

  1. alrudder says:

    I watched this several times. I’m not sure what to make: 1) It could be that she has a big heart and is trying to win, 2) It could be that she is wistfully resigned to losing and being magnanimous to Obama, 3) or she is not sure whether to attack or be liked. Not sure

    Tangentially, when I hear Democratic politicians say “we (rich Democrats)will be alright even if the Republicans win”, I want to say: CIVIL LIBERTIES are threatened!

  2. Alrudder

    I think Hillary has a lot more depth than people give her credit for.

    I totally got that she was genuine in relating the story of the Intrepid and other less fortunate and that things like the Intrepid truly are her motivation in her career.

    As for the no matter what happens ending, she actually, if you listen again said, “we’re going to fine”… “we have strong support from our families and our friends”…

    My take on that is she was speaking in terms of both them, no matter which one wins, that the other would be fine, but what mattered most was the American people. It was a magnanimous statement that the people mattered more than their personal feelings.

    And I didn’t get she meant in the long run… if the Republicans win. It was this race – this primary season and who would be the nominee and who wouldn’t.

    She was gracious and magnanimous and Obama didn’t see it coming. He was caught off guard by a very classy statement from Hillary.

    And, to add… if I am not mistaken this is not the first time she’s been quite gracious towards him in the debates. Far more gracious than he towards her, in my opinion.

  3. Harley says:


    It was refreshing and beautiful to watch Hillary inspire everyone with her own intelligence, her own strength, her own grace, and her own words.

  4. Harley

    It sure was. It was a great moment in the debate and the campaign season in general. She took the high road and shined.

  5. alrudder says:

    Hillary’s problem is that she can’t “shine” in the next debate on Tuesday. She has to come out both barrels blazing.
    The dynamic of the race didn’t change last night, so if this was a pennant race, Obama’s Magic Number continues to go down.
    *In full disclosure, a few months ago I thought Obama was in the position that Hillary is in, namely you can’t win and be likable. But now, Hillary has 5 days to change and get to roughly 62% in TX and OH to come back in the delegate count.

  6. Carol says:

    Hillary has shinned all through this campaign; she is the only one that has plans outlined, she is the only one who has the smarts to get this country back on track; the war, the economy, healthcare, the environment. You do not hear any plans from all these others running for president, only grand jendar, words are cheap. She has plans, she has stated that all through the campaign, she knows the ropes.

  7. J. Diamond says:

    it just amazes me that the rabid obamaites refuse to accept Hillary’s closing statement as gracious and warm, and an honest portrayal of who she is… take a look at the “Hillary’s Closer” thread at TPM’s election central… his followers are a bunch of hyenas waiting for a carcass to scavange. a wonderful cross-section of the politics of hope…

    let’s go TX! let’s go OH!

    i never thought that i would be looking to TX to save the democratic party from itself, but here we are… the toilet bowl has been flushed, the swirling has begun… the freshman senator from IL is ready for his close up, Mr. DeMIlle…

  8. leverne says:

    Wow, I can’t believe everyone raving about Hillarys closing statement … after gigging Obama about stealing his lines from someone else .. then when she takes John Edwards words (which he has said several times) she gets all the credit!!!
    What planet are you living on ?? Have you never heard John Edwards many times say how “we’ll we fine, all of us in this campaign .. but you, the american people won’t”

    Give me a break! Not only has she copied that direct from John Edwards but she has tried to steal the “change” slogan from Barack along with many other things in his message. As well as when the talk shows starting gigging her on her “clap clap, point point” .. she even stopped that and started waving like Barack …… guess everyone’s missed all of that.

    just my 2 cents

  9. J. Diamond says:

    “no matter what happens, I (we) will be fine” is NOT an Edwards-ism… it is common English…

    Leverne, what country are you living in??? not an English speaking one, i’d guess!